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Best Real Money Online Casinos in Ireland

If you want to have a good rest and get a huge amount of positivity, you don’t necessarily need to leave home. You can just look for a cool online club on the Internet, and rest assured — there are plenty of those that offer attractive terms.


Of course, it’s hard to choose among them. The loyalty policy pursued by the majority of gambling establishments provides new and regular customers with really pleasant conditions that allow players to make a profit without the need for financial investments.

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In some cases, customers only need to register, get a welcome bonus and spend it to the maximum benefit. However, the amount of incentive is usually calculated as a percentage, and therefore at the first deposit, it’s advisable to invest a substantial sum. That kind of approach will fully justify itself.

We picked some best online casinos for real money so you could spend your time with joy.

How we choose the best real money casinos and why you can trust us

The rules when it comes to picking a gambling establishment are quite simple and consist of only a few points. We rely on certain criteria so we can pick a really good casino online with real money. First of all, it’s necessary to assess the degree of reliability of some sites. The player should research the events in order to accomplish the task, directly and indirectly, related to the activities of specific institutions. If you can find any unpleasant news (mass conflicts with users, a long delay of payment of winnings, revealing articles in the media), then registration in such institutions is better to abandon.

It’s necessary to devote time to reading reviews. If there are a large number of negative comments, you should also refrain from creating an account. The Internet has a huge number of operating casinos, proven reliability over many years of impeccable work. Finding a list of such institutions can be found on the profile information sites, but even then, the player must verify that the material is accurate.

First of all, for the sites are important license and security certificates — it means that they operate legally and protect the players’ accounts and personal data from hackers.

If the player needs to find a gambling club without investing, he or she should look closely at the institutions offering no deposit bonuses to all new customers. But before registering he or she needs to read the regulations of the institutions they’ve chosen attentively. Users must perform so-called wagering in order to withdraw their earnings.

Additionally, you should make sure that the casino supports the appropriate ways to input and output. It’s also desirable to make sure that the player can contact technical support representatives at any time of day. These nuances are very important for a comfortable game in the representative offices of online institutions, and this fact has been proven more than once.

All this is understandable, but you may be questioning yourself — why should you trust us? We see our task as telling gamblers about all the advantages and disadvantages of certain gambling clubs. Confidence in certain online resources, be it casinos or casino sites, is lost when someone somewhere tried to cheat someone. But we try to review sites without subjective opinions, relying only on the criteria that we mentioned above.

TOP 10 Real Money Casinos in Ireland

Based on the above criteria, we’ve compiled our own rating of the best online casino real money. We imagine how hard it’s to choose a platform when there are hundreds of them on the Internet. To the selection of sites that you’ll see in our rating, we approached with careful attention. Maybe you’ll find among them the one that you like. In any case, you already know how to choose a gambling club you can trust.

So, we open our top!

  1. Caxino. This site takes a well-deserved top place of our top, because it offers players excellent conditions. Once you create an account and fund your account, you can collect an impressive €200 bonus and stock up on 100 freespins.
  2. 20Bet. Backing off a little, but just a little, this site, which will give you 120 euros incredible welcome bonus, and you can spin exciting slots with 120 freespins.
  3. CaptainSpins. Indeed, a real captain. This site has a great website with a clear interface that doesn’t irritate the eyes. After your first deposit, you’ll get $1200 and as much as 260 freespins for slots with stunning graphics.
  4. Rocket. Fly straight into space with this exciting casino, which will give you a bonus with a nice number of $333, and on top of that will give you a portion of 50 freespins for cool machines.
  5. Doggo. Fans of our little brothers will appreciate this soulful casino, which rewards players for registering and depositing with a nice gift of 500 euros and 200 freespins.
  6. EvoSpin. This site has a minimalistic space design with a predominance of dark blue, as well as 300 euros and 100 freespins as a gift.
  7. Genesis. This casino with a pathos name very appropriate for gambling sites, waiting for the Irish with a diverse set of games, as well as a nice bonus of 100 euros and 300 freespins for the bright machines with stunning graphics and nice music.
  8. iLucki. On whose side more often comes luck, if not on the side of the Irish? The site is made in a minimalist design of dark colors and offers to spin the roulette wheel at the entrance. If you accept the offer of this gambling club, you can get 100 euros in the form of a bonus and a small set of 100 freespins for a nice time at the machines.
  9. Jonny Jackpot. Old Johnny knows what you need – a design in the style of a luxury casino, which will immediately introduce you to the atmosphere of heralded gambling. Here you won’t only have a lot of fun playing exciting games, but also mouthwatering bonuses of 1000 euros and 100 freespins for bright slots.
  10. Play OjO. Minimalistic design in soft blue colors and clear instructions on the main page will make a pleasant pastime for a newcomer to this site. Get a mini gift from this gambling club of 80 freespins and go on an exciting journey of excitement.

We’ve only named 10 online casinos for real money, but there are many, many more. Maybe there’s a casino you’ll feel at home in, or maybe you’ll find something else in our list, but take a look at the above sites if you’re at a loss for options.

Top Real Money Games

Gambling in Ireland, including online gambling, is regulated on a national level. In virtual halls, you’ll find the same gambling games that can be found in any land-based casino. Of course, the assortment varies from site to site and can offer several hundred items as well as more modest choices.

When a player registers on a resource, he wants to find the most profitable option. In principle, it’s possible to win in both card games and slot machines. But if the question is about stable earnings (if that word even applies to online casinos), all games can be divided into more and less profitable.

So, here are casino games real money you can find.


Let’s start with the most popular — it’s slots. Most likely, every player at a virtual casino at least once tried to bet on slot machines. Customers are attracted by the opportunity to break the big score without any effort: you just press the button and wait for the golden rain to fall on you. Progressive jackpot, bonus programs, lots of possible combinations – these are strong features of slot games. However, it’s important to keep in mind that winning in slots is a rather random thing, so the outcome will never be predictable. What you can be sure is that the sites we offer use only software from the leading developers, and so the machines work only with an honest random number generator and high returns.


Another exciting game in one or another casino online real money is roulette. Everyone knows about the queen of casinos, even people who have never visited a gambling hall, which in itself is evidence of its incredible popularity. It has been popular since the 18th century and to this day has not lost its relevance.

Choose a variety of roulette, such as American or European – there are plenty of them, your favorite color and get the result. You can play roulette with your computer, or turn to the live section and enjoy a virtual game with a real dealer.

The main differences in the different types of this game of chance are in the number of sectors (and 0, among others). And in terms of richness and variety of betting opportunities, nothing can compare to roulette, as well as in terms of the variety of online variations.

Card games

Perhaps this is the best option of those that a player can find in the online casino games for real money. Which of the gamblers do not like to roll in a game of poker, looking into the eyes of his opponent. Well, you may not be able to look directly into the eyes of your opponent, but you can count on the fact that it will be a real person. Because the opponents are the same people, you can use all of the bluffing skills that the player has, and apply psychological pressure. A lot is dependent on your ability. Only tables with a robot among the players, who knows all the cards ahead of time and distributes the better combinations, should be avoided. Computer games, such as video poker, where you compete against the machine, are also available. It’s much easier in this case: unlike a human player, the machine won’t be able to play like that.


Sometimes the Irishman’s soul asks for a game of lottery — to rub a scratch card or spin a wheel. All of these things may be available at one gambling club or another. Each of them is trying to attract players with a variety. The main difference between these – there are different variations, when you can get a ready-made set of numbers, others independently determine the combination. And after that, the winning set of numbers is announced, and the player receives payment depending on the number of coincidences.


Historical sources, legends, and lore from around the world often indicate that dice were used for ritual purposes, but now it’s great entertainment both in reality and in gambling clubs. The rules of dice can vary greatly. In the simplest version, the man or woman who throws the biggest amount of numbers wins. But, for example, in craps, the player should guess the numbers that will fall out after the roll.

Virtual sports

Virtual sport owes its emergence to the incredible popularity of betting on sporting events. However, real betting has many disadvantages and inconveniences for the participants, which its virtual counterpart lacks. Slots in this category are a realistic imitation of real competition, with full recreation of real teams and players, as well as strictly preserving all the rules of a particular sport.

But unlike real sports, the human factor, as well as the possibility of unfavorable interference, is completely eliminated here. The result is determined by artificial intelligence, as in the other types of slot machines, as well as on the basis of a careful analysis of the individual characteristics of participants.

In addition, the virtual sport can bet at any convenient time, without waiting for the next scheduled match. And the realistic atmosphere of the real sport is created by using innovative animation and surround sound accompaniment.

Real Money Casino Bonuses

Gambling club giveaways and bonuses exist to encourage their customers to come back again and again. So let’s see, what online gambling clubs have to offer for us:

  1. Welcome Bonus. This is the most generous gift that can be presented either in the form of money or in the form of freespins, for example. Usually such a gift has to be wagered, so it can be treated not as an actual incentive, but more as a discount. Wagering takes about a month, so calculate rationally whether this is enough time for you to wager the desired amount. More often than not, this type of gift is expressed as a certain percentage that’s added to your deposit amount. It usually starts at 100% (that’s, it doubles the amount), and can go up to 500%.
  2. No Deposit Bonus. A gift that’s given even before the player has replenished his account. For example, by a special promo code during registration. Such rewards sites offer quite rarely, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find them. Newcomers, for example, will be sorry to spend a lot of money to get some bonus. It’s easier to take advantage of no deposit, check if he or she likes what the site has to offer, and already decide whether to stay or not. But, in any case, for newcomers and players who like to look for new casinos, there are minimum deposits of 1 euro.
  3. Reload. If the above bonuses were suitable for newcomers, it doesn’t mean that the site forgets about regular players. One of the first gifts prepared for regulars online gambling clubs – reload-bonuses, when a gift can be picked up repeatedly. For example, every month.
  4. Loyalty Program. Most online casinos have loyalty clubs and VIP programs, which reward players every time they make a bet. Usually, you sign up automatically and earn points, going up in VIP levels depending on how much money you’ve deposited at a particular casino. Once you reach a higher VIP level, you can enjoy cool perks, save on bets, and win various prizes.
  5. High Roller Bonuses. The platforms encourage players who don’t hesitate to make spending sprees at the gambling club. So, bonuses can be given for particularly large deposits and large bets.
  6. Gift for a friend. Many sites offer additional fees for new players, which you’ll be able to bring to the casino. Players are given a special referral link that can be placed on social networks, or send a personal message to your friend or buddy. If he begins to actively play in the casino, you’ll receive a portion of his winnings.
  7. Cashback. Cashback basically gives players back a portion of their play money. Money is given back to players who have lost during their gaming sessions. Here’s how it works: If you lose $500, you get $100 back if you had a 20% cashback bonus. If you have a positive balance, you won’t get the money back.

Online casinos may limit the amount you can withdraw after receiving a bonus. This happens more often with no deposit bonuses offered; with these offers, the player didn’t even have to deposit their own money. All restrictions can be read in the rules on the website of this or that gambling club.

Deposit and Withdrawal methods

Methods of deposit and withdrawal in the gambling clubs are related – most often you can withdraw winnings by the same method that you used for the deposit. The following deposit and withdrawal methods are available for Irish players:

Brands Min Deposit Max Deposit Min Withdrawal Max Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
Visa 10.00 30,000.00 10.00 10,000.00 1-7 Days
PayPal 10.00 10,000.00 10.00 10,000.00 Instant
MasterCard 10.00 10,000.00 10.00 10,000.00 1-3 Days
Discover 10.00 5,000.00 10.00 5,000.00 3-5 Days
Skrill 10.00 35,000.00 10.00 35,000.00 1-3 Days
American Express 10.00 10,000.00 10.00 10,000.00 1-7 Days
Neteller 5.00 10,000.00 10.00 1000 Daily 3-5 Days
PaysafeCard 5.00 100.00 0.01 50 Per Payment 2-3 Days
Boku 5.00 30.00 N/A N/A N/A
Cryptocurrency N/A N/A Depends on the casino Depends on the casino Instant-1 Day

Certain methods are only suitable for recharging your account — for example, prepaid cards. In general, however, you are free to choose the option that’s most convenient for you.

If you prefer everywhere to pay by card and get the same money, then you’ll be glad to know that most sites accept VISA and Mastercard. However, you should take into account that the withdrawal may be delayed for up to several days.

If you don’t want to wait, you can withdraw the money using e-wallets. Irish players prefer to use Paypal, Skrill or Neteller because you don’t have to pay commission. And those for whom anonymity is important, choose cryptocurrency.

Pros And Cons of real money casino

If you want to play online casino for real money, it’s necessary to outline the advantages and disadvantages of such a pastime.


  • You can play anywhere, even from your favorite couch, even from your workplace, even from your car, the main thing is to have the Internet;
  • Thanks to online gambling for real money you can get incredible benefits, because, for example, there are slots with a progressive jackpot, the number of which reaches 9;
  • This is an income for which you don’t have to work — just have fun at the vibrant slots and take your winnings;
  • You can play with a live dealer from the comfort of your home or even use your phone — technology has advanced very far.


Sometimes casino gaming straddles the line between reason and obsession — some sites post information about combating addiction to cheating, and you need to consider the existence of this disease and not succumb to it.


Are Real Money Casinos Legal In Ireland?

As previously stated, online gambling clubs operate legally in Ireland, so that you can profit and not worry about breaking the law.

Is It Feasible To Win Real Money In Ireland When Playing Online Casinos?

It’s more than possible, the main thing is to find an honest site. We’ve already offered a few, but you can look for yourself. First of all, rely on the reviews — who, if not the real players can tell the whole truth.

How Much Tax Is Taken From Casino Winnings?

No one wants to lose some of their fairly won money, and we’ve good news — the [layer doesn’t have to pay taxes for their time in the casino. In order to start collecting taxes from a gambler, they must first prove that he is doing it on a professional basis.

How Should I Withdraw My Winnings?

It is contingent on the approach you select. You can either obtain your money the same day or wait a few days. In general, e-wallets are faster than credit cards in terms of processing.

Are There Any Unique Apps For Real Money Casinos?

Most gambling clubs offer mobile applications that you can simply install and forget about any problems with access. But not all sites have this “luxury”, but absolutely everyone — mobile version, which perfectly adjusts to any screen. The set of games, bonuses, and other offers are not different from the official site, which you can go to from your computer.

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