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NBA Betting Sites 2022

As the popularity of basketball betting grows, the top NBA betting websites cater to this market with free bets and competitive NBA odds. You can also claim a free bet by signing up.

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History of Basketball In Ireland

Although basketball may not be the most well-known sport in Ireland, it is still a very popular game in many circles within and around Ireland. It can be traced back to Ireland, where Major Sergeant Doogan introduced the sport in 1920 as an additional exercise for soldiers in training. Surprisingly the sport quickly gained popularity and stature with the introduction of rules.

In 1945, the establishment of the Basketball Ireland (BI), formerly known as the Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland(ABAI), marked a new era in the history of basketball in Ireland. The BI is a member of ” FIBA Europe,” which is the European basketball governing board, and of FIBA World, the World basketball governing authority. It is responsible for promoting and managing basketball in Ireland and international participation.

Basketball Venues in Ireland

Basketball is very popular in Ireland. This can be seen by many professional basketball clubs, schools with youth basketball teams, and the many players, officials, and fans who participate in the sport. There are many venues in Ireland where basketball can be played indoors and outdoors.

Only two venues can host international and national basketball events in Ireland: the National Basketball Arena (UCC) and the Mardyke.

  • National Basketball Arena: This indoor arena, also known as the Tallaght Arena in Tallaght (South Dublin), was established in 1993. It can accommodate 2,500 people and is the home court for Basketball Ireland and the Ireland women’s basketball team.
  • Mardyke, UCC: Founded in 1911, renovated several times. The Mardyke Arena is an indoor sports arena that houses UCC Demons, an Irish basketball club based in Cork.

Most Popular Basketball Leagues & Tournaments Across the World

The National Basketball Association is the largest league and tournament in North America for basketball. The NBA, along with the National Football League and the National Hockey League(NHL), are the four major professional sports leagues in America and Canada. They are known as the “Big Four.” It has 30 teams and a regular season from October through April. It is the third-richest professional league in North America and one of the top four in the world.

There are millions of NBA fans worldwide, with an average of 1.34 million people watching NBA season games regularly. Unsurprisingly, NBA season games can be bet on because of their popularity. You’d be hard-pressed to find a sportsbook without betting markets for NBA games during the playing seasons. While the NBA is the most popular basketball league, punters have other options. Irish punters can place wagers on other divisions or leagues in other countries.

Below are other popular divisions and leagues.

  • Women’s National Basketball Association
  • Basketball National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAAB).
  • German BBL, etc.

NBA Betting Terminologies

An Irish punter must comprehend the game and the terms it involves to win at online NBA betting. As with any other sports betting, certain terms are specific to betting on NBA games. Any sports betting expert will tell them it is worth learning as much as possible. We recommend you learn the terms related to NBA games, bet types, and general betting terminology.

This section will cover some of the most commonly used terms when betting on NBA games.

  • Accumulator Bets: Also called parlays, accumulator betting is a form of wagering that involves multiple bets on the same or different markets and events.
  • Dime Bets: A beat with a value of EUR1.000 is a dime bet.
  • Buck is a bet that stands at EUR100.
  • Push: a stake that does not win or lose.
  • Wager is the act of betting on NBA games.
  • Exotic betting: includes all bets, except multiples and straight.
  • Live/In-Play betting: betting on ongoing sporting events.
  • Prop Bets: refers only to bats that are not related to the outcome of a sporting competition.
  • Even Money: bets in which a punter cannot win more than their stake.
  • Line: Line describes the odds that a particular event will occur.
  • Favorite: the team most likely to win an event.
  • Juice: is the cost to make a stake.
  • Underdog: the team that is less likely to win an event.

NBA Betting Odds

Before we discuss the NBA betting market, let’s first look at the odds of winning. The odds in NBA betting show how likely or unlikely a particular outcome is. Sports betting sites usually display NBA odds in three formats: American, decimal, and fractional. The fractional odds format is preferred for betting on Irish sports. This format shows the number of profits punters earn against their stake. This format is often displayed as 3/1, 7/3, or 2/5.

Let’s take, for example, the 3/1 odds that the Spurs will win a matchup between San Antonio Spurs & the Memphis Grizzles at a sportsbook. The sportsbook will pay EUR3 per EUR1 stake if the Spurs win the match. If a punter stakes EUR100, it will get EUR400 (EUR300 profit + EUR100 back stake). The NBA betting odds work the same as any other sports gambling. Low odds are associated with markets with high winning chances. Markets that are less likely to occur have lower odds. The greater your odds of winning, the higher your potential payout.

How our Basketball Betting Experts Rate NBA Betting Sites

  • Sign-up offers and NBA free bets: The most reliable betting sites should offer welcome bonuses to new customers that give them free bets. We search for the best NBA betting sites with the most favorable terms and conditions.
  • Security & Licensing: We have experienced basketball gamblers and will only register to place an NBA bet at a website if it is safe and secure. We recommend trusted sites licensed by respected gambling authorities like the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Payment Methods: We expect betting sites to accept popular payment methods like debit cards. However, we also want e-wallets to allow customers more flexibility. It should be easy to withdraw and deposit funds.
  • Signing up should be easy and intuitive. Sites should perform all necessary checks to ensure that everything is safe. However, we want to make signing up easy. When it comes to registration, safety and simplicity are important.
  • Mobile Basketball Betting Experience Most online sports betting takes place via mobile devices. The best bookies offer mobile-friendly apps and mobile browser versions of their websites.
  • Various NBA Betting Markets are available: Are accumulator bettors your thing? Do you prefer individual prop bets? Do you prefer a straight NBA bet, such as the NBA MVP Market? We expect that sportsbooks will offer hundreds of basketball betting options, regardless of your preferred style.
  • Competitive Odds To give bettors the best value, they must have attractive odds. Sites with basketball odds that are consistently lower than their competitors will not be included on our list.
  • Live Betting Options for Basketball: live betting is the best option for those who enjoy watching the action unfold before they place their money. We only recommend betting sites that offer live betting with cash out.

Online Basketball Betting: Why not?

It may seem obvious to those who have been in the NBA betting game for a while. But, if you are new to the gambling world of basketball, here are some reasons you should check it out.

  • A full season means that there’s always something to wager on. Each NBA team plays at least 82 games before the start of the post-season. The play-in tournaments are followed by four rounds in the best-of-seven NBA playoffs series. If you are a basketball fan, there is always something to wager on. This goes without saying.
  • Live streaming NBA basketball is quite common on betting sites: Betfair, Paddy Power, Paddy Power, and Ladbrokes are all examples of betting sites that stream live NBA games to your device.
  • Enjoy a whole NBA betting scene: Originally, American bettors would travel to Las Vegas to place sports bets. But, with the legalization of online gambling in more states, a whole NBA community has emerged, complete with podcasts, social media influencers, and dedicated tipping websites.

Apps for NBA Betting

Mobile-friendly HTML5 technology is required to build top basketball betting sites. They must adapt to different sizes of smartphones and tablets. Mobile browser versions of NBA sites and betting apps should be optimized for mobile.

There are not all basketball betting sites that have mobile apps. We won’t be able to place and manage our money on a mobile device if it isn’t.

The best NBA betting app is responsive and fast, with a clear layout makes it easy to place bets in-play and cash out when you press a button.

Popular Basketball Betting Options

  • Moneyline Betting A money line wager bets on the outcome of a basketball match. The bettor can choose between Team A or Team B winning, with the underdog team being set by the bookie while the favorite team is the winner.
  • NBA Accumulator A basketball accumulator, also known as a “parlay” in the US, allows the bettor to combine several selections with longer odds. You win the bet if all your selections are successful, and you could potentially receive a large payout.
  • Bet Builder Also called same game parlay’ or an’same game multi’, this type of bet functions the same way as an accumulator. The only difference is that all selections are from the same games. This is a great way to make a long-odds wager while you watch a game.
  • Futures/Outright Some people like to bet on the long game and back the winner of the NBA Championship. A college basketball fan could participate in Rookie-of-the-Year betting before the season. These bet types usually offer decent odds.
  • Under/Over: This market applies to total points, three-pointers made, and team points totals. You simply need to guess the outcome of the betting line. The odds are usually around 10/11.
  • Handicap/Point Spread: NBA Spread Betting is hugely popular as point spread betting is a common practice in North American sports betting. The betting site will give the underdog a head start with certain points. This could be +4.5, for example, and -4.5 for the favorite. The odds will be slightly less than evens to give the bookies an edge.
  • Player Props You can place a wager on the likelihood that a player will score more or less than a set number of points, assists, and blocks. These bets can be combined with the bet builders mentioned earlier to increase your odds of winning.

NBA Betting Strategy – Top 3 Tips

There is no way to win every NBA bet. All the markets have their challenges, whether you are betting on the point spread or money line, futures, futures, player props, over/under, or Moneyline.

These are just a few general tips for betting on basketball that you should remember before placing your bets.

Keep checking for Roster Updates.

Something may be wrong if you see an unusual line in the odds for a particular game. It is rare for NBA betting sites to get point-spread markets wrong. Before you place your bet, make sure you check the most recent roster updates.

The NBA is sometimes referred to by the term “stars’ league”, as rosters are smaller than other sports such as football (soccer), rugby (American football), or baseball.

The line will be affected if a star player like Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James cannot play due to injury. You can follow some top NBA accounts on Twitter to get the most recent lineup updates. This will ensure you have all the latest information when placing your bets.

Home Underdogs Can Pay

The NBA has 60% of its regular season games won by home teams. This is because of the importance of home advantage. Similar statistics apply to other top leagues, such as the EuroLeague, where some home crowds can be extremely hostile.

It makes sense to sometimes bet against favorites on the road, especially if they haven’t had much time to rest between games.

Even the worst teams can sometimes win the NBA, especially if they are playing against an old favorite or tired player.

Compare Odds across Sites

While odds will generally be similar across all NBA betting sites, there will always be subtle differences. This is especially true for some niche markets.

It is a good idea to have accounts with multiple bookmakers to get the best prices. Multiple accounts for basketball betting can offer you more bonuses and free bets.

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