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Golf Betting in Ireland 2022

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Golf has recently experienced a surge in popularity, and with so many people now playing and watching the sport, golf betting has become popular. Punters flock to the best betting sites on a weekly basis to bet on PGA Tour and European Tour events, and bookmakers have responded by creating more markets to meet this demand.

Our website’s golf betting experts have carefully selected the best golf betting sites available in Ireland after researching the various options for betting on golf online.

In our in-depth reviews of each golf betting site, we look for a number of factors, which we will discuss in detail later. You can be confident that any online bookmaker we recommend is safe and licenced, offers competitive odds, and offers perks such as welcome bonuses and free bets.

How we rate golf betting websites

Making a decision in favor of a project that is more suitable for you is not as simple as you may believe. Every year, there are more and more platforms for gamblers, and the top ten list is constantly changing. You can’t look at all of the sites and say, “Perfect in every way.” This is where we come in and provide you with a comprehensive list of the best sites from which to choose whatever your heart desires.

But what factors should we consider in order to make the best decision for you? Our professional team is always ready to analyze and provide accurate data on a specific product, and we carefully monitor that all projects mentioned on our pages are honest and always have positive aspects for the players.

Our team employs a thorough review process that addresses the following issues:

Available Odds

Players want great value for money when betting on popular sports markets for good reason. Our recommended new bookmakers offer competitive odds. Players can profit significantly more when they win a bet at a reasonable price.

Betting Options During Play

Our team looks for sites that offer a wide range of live betting options. Because in-play markets can be dynamic and exciting, we want to see as much live betting as possible in our recommended new betting websites.

Welcome Bonuses that are Beneficial

Bonuses and promotions are an important part of the sports betting experience. During each review, we assess the quality of the bonuses available at golf betting sites. Each of the sites we recommend has enticing bonuses and reasonable wagering requirements, making it easy for players to take advantage of a promotion.

We recommend bookmakers that have no hidden restrictions and only offer straightforward bonuses that can help you increase your bankroll.

Knowledge of a Mobile App or a Website

In the modern era, online bookmakers should be available on mobile as well as desktop. We anticipate a pleasant user experience on both. As a result, our review includes extensive use of both websites and betting apps to ensure an excellent experience on any device.

Signing up is simple and safe.

Every bookmaker is required by law to verify new player accounts. The registration process for our recommended golf betting websites must include additional checks and questions.

However, it is critical that the sign-up process be quick and simple so that you can begin betting immediately.

Popular Payment Methods Accepted

There are numerous approaches to money management available today, ranging from traditional to more modern. Traditional bank transfers, e-wallets, debit cards, and, in some cases, cryptocurrency are all accepted payment methods at the best golf betting sites. This gives users not only flexibility, but also the ability to make secure deposits and withdrawals.

“Game for rich people”

“Sport for the rich” – that’s how golf was called a few decades ago. Today, this direction is available to many. The game perfectly combines simple rules, excitement and outdoor walks. Thanks to these advantages, she won the hearts of athletes and millions of fans. Interestingly, golf is often mentioned, but only a few can name the main world competitions. We will definitely return to them, but for now, we note the fact that not so many bettors make bets on this sport. At the same time, a large number of offices, especially Western ones, provide an interesting description of the events. Value coefficients are also frequent, dear to the heart of every specialist. Let’s get acquainted with the regulations, the features of golf, and make a conclusion about the feasibility of betting in this area

A fuzzy stereotype that played into the hands of golf equipment manufacturers. There are several theories about how the game came about. It is common knowledge that modern golf as we know it came from the Scottish court of the 18th century. It was played by kings and queens, high-ranking nobles. But they took this idea not out of their heads, but following the example of young archers who got the hang of chasing the ball with their weapons in between training sessions. At a certain stage, they became so distracted that they were banned from such activities during school hours at the legislative level.

There are a couple of theories that do not fit into the modern framework of the game “for the privileged”. It is known that Scottish shepherds played something like golf. They took their staffs, stones and tried to roll them down the rabbit holes. The big-eared ones didn’t say thank you for this, but they managed to pass the time quite well. There are no fewer adherents of this theory among historians. Not without the ubiquitous Romans, who, at the height of their triumph, developed a game with similar rules. In China, golf was also popular among the imperial families.

All this is history. It is important to know that today even people with average earnings all over the world are fond of golf. In the major cities of Ireland, there is more than one club where you can kick the ball with a stick for a nominal fee. The rules are simple, no special skills are needed. To play golf at a professional level, you really need to invest. The costs are comparable to the cost of professional-level cycling. But not promising athletes gathered here, but professional betting enthusiasts. Time to move on to the essence of betting on this sport.

Multifaceted regulation

There are basic rules of the game. For successful bets, it is imperative to know and keep them in mind (professionals will not let you lie). The bottom line is to roll the ball into the holes. More than one dozen players can take part in the game. The winner is the one who rolls the coveted ball into the hole in the minimum number of strokes. The last 18 pieces are provided. Interestingly, in different countries, regions, cities and even clubs, the regulations may change. From here came the concept of golf as a cluster: a single accumulation of homogeneous elements. In the rules of the game of the club, the first line is usually “Read local rules”.

Interesting fact! On a golf course, the height of the grass fluctuates. It is the same only at the green levels where the holes are located. This is done to make it difficult to hit the plane.

In this sport, the rules are not just a guideline, but a harsh law. For the slightest violation of the player may be disqualified from the championship. You should not believe those for whom golf is waving a club. This sport is considered one of the most difficult in terms of the game. The catch is that everything happens not in a closed hangar, but in nature with its climatic features. Fields with a flat lawn are not everything either. There are lakes, trees, wind, ravines and hillocks. Golfers must overcome all this in the minimum number of strokes.

There are a lot of nuances of the rules. The starting point for the game is the tee zone. It was so named because of the T-shaped base from which the first strike was made. There are not so many courses with 18 holes, there are variations from 9. In the latter case, golfers simply go two circles of strokes. The player has access to a certain number of clubs. He chooses their weight independently. These are just a few of the features of the regulation.

Features of golf betting

Not all bettors are well versed in golf betting. Before looking for profitable positions in the bookmaker’s line, you need to understand the rules and goals of this game. The main idea is to get the ball into the hole in the least number of strokes.

When you watch a golf broadcast, you often admire the scenery. Picturesque lawns, small lakes, bizarre relief with emerald grass give a special touch to golf. But athletes have no time to admire the beauties. Their task is to get into 18 holes, spending a minimum of attempts.

Holes can be located behind bushes or a small pond. In front of them there may be hills or ravines. In any case, the golfer must hit every hole. In order for the ball to roll as if on a flat surface, the organizers of the competition create a perfectly even lawn. This is the most important condition for holding golf championships.

Among the main features of golf betting, we note that bookmakers set different margins for different tournaments. It so happened that at the most popular meetings, the earnings of offices are lower than at competitions of a less prestigious category. In golf, the favorites often win, it is a more predictable discipline. A good indicator is the book margin for top competitions at the level of 3-4%.

Statistics show that the results of the meetings of golfers are less predictable than men’s. It is for this reason that clients of bookmakers often bet on athletes who will get into the top 3, top 5 or top ten.

The influence of the wind on the results of the championship should be taken into account. In sharp gusts, the results of even the best golfers deteriorate significantly. The accuracy of hitting the ball into the hole drops, and the leaders have to increase the number of attempts. In such cases, the difference in the skill of golfers decreases. Bettors take advantage of the moment by betting live on less rated athletes at higher odds.

The terrain features for each tournament should be taken into account. At some competitions, the field is more even, without sharp changes in terrain. At other meetings, the site is replete with bumps and various obstacles. Among golfers there are many who demonstrate their best results on certain courses. This factor must be taken into account before placing golf bets on the bookmaker’s website.

Prestigious Tournaments

In the lists of bookmakers, the same tournaments are often found. In golf, the following competitions are considered the most prestigious:

  • US Open;
  • British Open;
  • World Championship;
  • Olympic Games;
  • PGA Championship.

This does not mean that bettors should pay attention only to these tournaments when studying the line. But it should be taken into account that the number of offers and odds in the listings of the bookmaker for these competitions allows the bettor to make profitable deals.

Types of golf bets

The number of markets for top competitions averages 10-15. The most popular of them are bets on the places of participants and on the winner of the duel and the entire championship.

  • For the winner. This position is in demand among both experienced bettors and beginners. Bets on the trophy holder are accepted 3-4 months before the start of the games. As mentioned above, the quotes for the main contenders often exceed 10. Therefore, with the right approach, players can make profitable deals with the bookmaker.
  • To a duel. Duels are often found in the murals of bookmakers. This is a comparison of athletes, following the results of a tournament or a personal meeting. In order to make the right bets on duels in golf, it is necessary to take into account the current state of the athletes and their results in the past, more difficult when the golfer is on his debut. It is undesirable for novice cappers to bet on such meetings.
  • To the place. Bettors often put on one of the first places of the tournament participants. You can bet on getting into the top three, top five or top ten. However, not all bookmakers include such positions in the list.
  • The best golfer. Some offices offer their clients to bet on the best participant among the leading countries in the golf tournament. The list indicates the list of participants from certain countries, and the bettor must indicate which of them will be the best. Most often, bets are accepted on the best American, Englishman, Spaniard.
  • Even/Odd beats. Here, the bettor indicates the paired or unpaired number of strokes made by the participant during the entire session. Since the chances of passing one of the options are absolutely the same, it is important for the bettor to find a bookmaker with odds as close as possible to 2.
  • Bets during a golf match are in great demand among bettors. With a correct analysis of events and a timely response to changes in quotes, the bettor will be able to conclude profitable deals with the office.

Golf and online betting: is it possible to make money on it

Speaking about whether it is possible to make money on golf, one must take into account the fact that this is a very popular sport in the world, which is considered to be the favorite pastime of all millionaires.

Bookmakers very often cover golf competitions, ranging from the most prestigious to even amateur ones. So, we can safely count on the fact that, by going to the website of any bookmaker, we will be able to find a painting for any stage.

In addition, a huge number of golfers (about 200 or even more) take part in golf competitions. Of course, more than half of them are obvious outsiders, and the main struggle is among 10-20 athletes.

So, you can count on the fact that the bookmaker will offer bets on each favorite, and the size of the odds will have a very large range. From this it should be concluded that with a qualitative analysis, it is possible to make a winning bet with high quotes with great success.

More interesting is the fact that although bookmakers can give us a really correct lineup for a stage, they carry out a detailed analysis only for major tournaments, be it the US Championship, Britain or any Masters.

In other cases, at less popular tournaments, we can now and then find value outcomes due to low awareness of the athletes and their motivation by the bookmaker.

It happens that bookmakers, when placing quotes, mistakenly underestimate or increase the chances of golfers. For this reason, every now and then there are outcomes with very high quotes, but at the same time, high traffic, which are worth playing in order to get a very large win without nerves.

From this we can conclude that if you study golf closely, then you can beat the bookmakers due to greater awareness and earn big money. So, we should definitely try this type of earnings and we propose to move on to discussing other important issues.

Arguments: Pros and Cons of Golf Betting

If the game has so many nuances only in the rules, why should you choose it for betting? Sports have long gained worldwide popularity. Millions of his fans are scattered around the world, but only a few carefully follow and really understand. Many make bets, but there are only one or two professionals among them. The bank is gaining strength, and the competition is low. Most bookmakers have a team of experts for the line. However, it does not do without offices, which still often allow value odds. Golf tournaments take place all year round. You can play in amateur championships or competitions for professionals. There are enough strategic developments, special tools in this area of ​​betting. There are paid and free options.

However, be prepared for deep analysis. A number of experts argue that golf is a predictable sport. There are permanent favorites here who win, occupy leading positions for several years. This fact will not please professionals, since you won’t earn much on such games. If there is a clear favorite, then:

  • he is more likely to win;
  • it is given a low coefficient;
  • there will be a good margin.

These two details make the event unpromising for betting. Yes, you can bet, but you won’t get much. Margin in golf is generally an unpleasant phenomenon, we will talk about it in more detail later. The special attention of the pros, as a result, is riveted to events where there are mediocre or even outsiders. This is where the fun begins: you need to learn as much information about golfers as possible, take an interest in their current form, motivation, and go through a lot of other criteria. A separate story with the selection of the game method, markets and other things. In general, the analysis of a game of golf requires a lot of time, but the bet brings a lot. A coefficient in the region of 10-12 is in the order of things.

It’s important to know

Extensive knowledge in betting is of great value. If you are aware of the numerous features of the sphere, then you have an additional advantage. What is the most important thing in golf? Equipment, weather, luck? No, it is very important to choose the weight of the stick and the strength of the stroke. If a golfer is good at this, he gets an added advantage. Of course, the sight, wind and other factors are of great importance, but half the success lies in the impact and weight of the stick.

Relying on one in this sport is wrong. It is no coincidence that bookmakers give 10.0-12.0 even for favorites. The trick is that there are more than a dozen leaders in the world championship. Combined with the game’s idiosyncrasies and a lot of competition from strong mid-range players, this can be confusing. Chaos in the head – death to bet. We take a financial flat with its equal rates, choose 5 good candidates and bet on each of them. If one of them wins, and the probability is high, then we make a profit.

An unpleasant moment in golf betting is the lack of a stable margin of bookmakers. Rather, constancy is observed, but few people will be pleased with it. Professional competitions are considered predictable. The odds are relatively low, but even here the margin is slightly higher than the average for popular sports – about 4%. Middle-class and amateur competitions attract the attention of more bettors. It is more difficult to predict outcomes on them, but the coefficients are higher. The margin for such events is 6-7%. It is entirely based on the amount of winnings. If bets are not a hobby, but a way to earn money, you get a solid minus. There is an optimal option: the golden mean is found in matches of motivated average players and professionals with sagging indicators. The odds for such events are very good, the margin is relatively normal, the forecasting proceeds without question.

Golf Free Bets

Customers can frequently enjoy free golf bets on the action at the best golf betting sites. When you join a golf betting site, you should be able to take advantage of a welcome bonus in the form of free bets.

Typically, you will have to place a first bet with a golf betting site at specific odds and wait for this wager to be settled. The bookmaker will then credit your account with free bet money. For big tournaments like the majors or the Ryder Cup, some bookmakers offer free bets to existing customers.

If you have a betting account with bet365, Paddy Power, or Betfair, these are the bookmakers who may offer you a free golf bet for a specific tournament. You might be able to get a free in-play golf bet with William Hill if you stake a certain amount on a pre-event market, so keep an eye out for the best deals.

Live Golf Betting During Play

Because there is a large window of opportunity to place live golf bets over four days, all of the best live betting sites will accept more bets once a golf tournament begins.

While there are still a significant number of bets placed before the first round begins, the majority of customers will want to participate at some point during the competition.

After all, there are numerous advantages to placing in-play wagers. During the early exchanges, you can see which players are performing the best, and a change in weather conditions can have an impact on the live betting odds.

All of the golf betting sites we recommend offer live golf betting in some form or another. When it comes to in-play betting, bet365 remains the market leader. The site has a live leaderboard where you can keep track of all the latest scores, and you may even be able to watch live streams of some events. The streams tend to follow the action on specific holes, which is fantastic to be able to watch live.

Winner formula

Analysis is at the heart of any sports betting. Today, experts are more likely to use the phrase “easily predictable events.” It cannot be called unambiguous and truthful. Sports betting, in principle, cannot be predicted. There is always a risk of losing, which is reduced by calculating the maximum number of possible outcomes. Nevertheless, golf has been categorized as a sport for many years, where the favorites hold their own. In recent years, the situation has begun to change. More and more golfers-outsiders appear in the field, who beat the masters. This was the reason for revisiting the question of the plan of analysis. Today, not only leaders are taken into account, but also promising newcomers.

How to do it? Finding an inexperienced but well-playing golfer is not easy. There are several ways, among which the most popular is the general viewing of all little-known events. Similar tactics are used by managers and sponsors in boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc. They regularly visit less popular arenas in search of young talents. The second way is numbers. View the statistics of mid-range players over the past few years. There will definitely be those who show not just good, but even fantastic results. Next, we look at their plan for participating in tournaments and bet. The third method is reduced to a banal test of luck. This goes against a number of unwavering betting principles, but sometimes it’s worth the risk. The option is optimal for Lives: we watch the game, we feel the motivation of one of the outsiders, we make a contribution to him. No recommendations, we focus on our own instinct. We do not ignore the following tips from experienced bettors.

  • Psychological condition. Physical form and motivation directly depends on the current emotional state. It is the law of nature that underlies our existence. View media notes, sportsmen’s pages in social networks. Perhaps they recently had a strong emotional shock, which will affect the result of the golfer.
  • Fields. The arena for the tournament is chosen according to the regulations. It has long been known that representatives of different countries have favorite fields. Golfers from the USA, like the British, perform well in their homeland. But Asian players prefer European fields.
  • Bet on the events of little-known tournaments. This is good for two reasons: firstly, the profit will be all year round; secondly, you simultaneously study promising outsiders.
  • We are looking for value bets. In golf, the offices have not yet “agreed”. It is not uncommon for bookmakers to underestimate a great candidate for victory. It also does not do without explicit arbitrage. Increase your income through such moments.

The distribution of finances is a key stage in the evaluation of events. This is no less important than identifying the winner. The safety of the main bank depends on the financial strategy. Experts have recommendations in this regard as well. Choose a percentage of the bank depending on the specific situation, skills. If you are a beginner in direction, then bet only on meetings with a odds of about 2. At the same time, allocate no more than 2% for one bet. Professionals can raise the value up to 5%. Want to bet on events with odds of 8.0-10.0? It makes no sense to risk chasing a big score. Follow the principles of the chosen game strategy and allocate no more than 0.6% of the total bank. With odds higher, it is generally better to choose a share of 0.3%.

Evaluation begins with calculating the chances of winning specific candidates. Moreover, the resulting value must be converted into a coefficient. Not all experienced players know how to do this. The best option is the Cayley criterion. We select a golfer and view his likely opponents in the tournament table. Next, we look at whether he met with them, and what were the results. Usually, when it comes to masters, they meet each other several times. The next step is to evaluate the results. For example, there were 15 games, of which only 5 were won. The chances of winning are about 33.3%. Divide the total probability by the resulting percentage (100/33.3), display the next value of the coefficient – 3. We are looking for value coefficients, starting from this result.

Interesting nuances

Some of them are obvious, while others are unique to golf. To complete the picture, consider each feature. We remind you of uncomfortable opponents. Every professional has an opponent that is difficult or impossible for him at all. We look for similar moments in forecasts or statistics. Think about what golfers from England are strong in? Hint: the snag is the climate. British players perform well in rainy weather, when playing in fog. Draw conclusions only on events within the world championships. Friendly or minor meetings are often used by leaders as a warm-up. By the way, do not forget to just watch such meetings. Often masters have new methods and strategies on them.

Best Golf Betting Sites – The Final Word

All of the golf betting sites listed on this page have spent years perfecting their services. They have successfully adapted to changing times and responded to customer demand by providing competitive odds and a wide range of markets on popular golf tournaments.

This applies to both pre-event and in-play golf betting, which allows customers to place golf bets at any stage of a tournament.

For major tournaments, the top golf bookmakers roll out the red carpet for new and existing customers by offering specials, promotions, and free bets.

When signing up to one of the best golf betting sites, we recommend that you always take advantage of the welcome offer. Golf bettors can currently take advantage of some excellent welcome bonuses, so visit one of the top golf bookies today and start betting on the action!


What is the process of each-way golf betting?

Each-way golf betting entails dividing your stake evenly between a player to win and a player to finish in the top 7/8/9/10, and so on. Depending on the number of each-way places available for an event, the odds on the player placing are usually around a quarter or a fifth of their outright odds.

How do you make money betting on golf?

There are several ways to win when betting on golf. Consider following top tipsters, studying form, and considering a player's history at a course. Also, try to keep an eye on the action so you can capitalize on live golf betting opportunities.

Where can I find the best golf betting sites?

Some of the best golf betting sites are bet365, 888sport, and Coral, but we have included a full list of recommended golf bookmakers on this page.

What is the best golf betting app?

William Hill, BetVictor, Betfair, and Unibet are some of the best golf betting apps, with all of these mobile apps offering a slick interface where customers can place pre-event and in-play golf bets.

Should you cash out on golf bets?

It's entirely up to you, but don't rule it out. If you're in a profitable position, cashing out can be a useful golf betting strategy, but you should always consider the cash out value and whether it's worth taking.

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