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Updated on 23.08.2022

Online Betting in Ireland

One of the most often asked questions in Ireland is whether betting is permitted. While the 1931 Betting Act endured for many decades, it was finally superseded in 2013 by the more contemporary Gambling Control Bill in order to suit the internet world. Furthermore, the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 was revised. What exactly does all of this technical jargon mean? Gambling is lawful as long as users use licensed and controlled sites.


When you see a betting platform featured on our website, you can be confident that it complies with Irish legislation and is licenced and regulated. Even though these platforms are not domiciled in Ireland, according to a 2015 reform, they are nevertheless obligated to comply with Irish legislation.

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What is the best Irish gambling website?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single solution to this question since there isn’t one. If you read an article that suggests that a single betting platform is the universal best option for everyone, you can guarantee that the author has something to gain from this proposal. Finally, the finest Irish betting site is determined by you.

What are your expectations from an online bookmaker? What sports do you enjoy betting on? Do you take advantage of special offers and bonuses? What types of payment do you employ? Your responses to these questions will decide which betting site in Ireland is the ‘best’ for you. While you can take advice from others, you will only find the platform that genuinely meets your demands if you evaluate your own.

How we form our top betting sites

When compiling the rating, we conduct the following analytics:

  • We track user ratings. This is a key factor indicating the quality of the bookmaker’s work. Users often leave complaints regarding withdrawals, limits on betting limits, account bans, etc. We analyse only real player reviews and set an overall rating based on them.
  • Compare odds for most sports. We sort them by discipline and tournaments. This is how we determine the bookmakers in which it is more profitable to bet. The margin of one bookmaker may vary depending on the discipline or type of bet. Many bookmakers offer increased odds for tournaments with which they have sponsorship contracts.
  • We study applications for mobile gadgets. We download and test them to evaluate them according to a number of criteria – stability of work, the availability of available sections, the ability to quickly make a deposit and withdrawal of funds, etc. Ideally, if the software is compatible with different versions of operating systems. The advantage of the application is the function of viewing video broadcasts, as well as the ability to contact customer support.

Top Irish Betting Site Bonuses

All of the Irish betting sites we recommend are well-known in the betting industry. When you sign up with these sportsbooks, you will be awarded with several types of incentives. Bonus bets are typically classified into three categories: cash signup bonus, free betting bonus, and money return bonus

The benefit of sportsbook bonuses is that you may utilise them to gamble without risking your own money. However, these credited free bets normally come with specified limitations and conditions.

If you are an Irish player who enjoys betting on sporting events, this is the article for you. There are various Irish bookies available, but we only showcase the top ones based on their games and services.

Top Irish sportsbooks accept football betting, horse race betting, Gaelic football betting, and a variety of other sports bets. Aside from that, betting websites provide fantastic incentives, but in certain circumstances, the bonus returns do not include bet credits.

A cash signup bonus is an example of a welcome incentive offered by a  online casino in Ireland to new players. This bonus can either be a deposit bonus or a casino no deposit bonus. If it is a deposit bonus, you must first make a deposit before you can get the bonus.

The main kinds of bonuses are as usual as always.

Welcome bonus

Some companies offer beginners to bet on sports without investing money. After registration, the player is provided with a free bet on the first bet. At the same time, the company can set a minimum coefficient for such a bet, or the free bet can only be directed to a specific match.

Free bet

Free bet bonus is the most common type of bonus offered by most bookmakers. By receiving a free bet, the user has the opportunity to try their hand at betting for free. As a rule, the funds received as a free bet cannot be withdrawn immediately, they must be wagered on the terms of the bookmaker.


This is a type of bonus in which the player is returned a percentage of the bet made or the deposit made. At the same time, the bookmaker can set certain conditions, for example, on the size of the odds for bets with cashback.

For the first deposit

The main way to encourage a new client of the bookmaker. The size of the bonus in this case depends on the deposit amount. As a rule, the bookmaker doubles the initial capital. The player makes a deposit and makes a bet, after which the office transfers the money.

Increased odds

To increase the player’s interest in betting, companies are ready to increase the amount of winnings on a bet with a certain coefficient or increase the coefficients for any specific matches. Such offers can be found in our selection on this page.

Rate Insurance

This type of bonus allows the player to bet without risk. The office can set a minimum coefficient for events and return the money spent in case of failure.

Conditions for obtaining

The process of receiving bonuses, with rare exceptions, is associated with the fulfilment of certain conditions. Clients must take some actions that will allow them to receive a promotion:

  • Place a bet with a certain amount;
  • Make a bet on a specific sport or a specific event;
  • Make a bet with a certain coefficient;
  • Wake up the bonus before withdrawing funds from the account.

The history of the appearance of bookmakers

Betting appeared long before the peak of the development of civilizations. Their age is comparable to the emergence of the human mind. The first discrepancy of opinions, the first dispute and certainly a tragedy. Time passed, the person socialised. Disputes began to be resolved in a civilised way. The history of bookmaking has many examples of the first bets even before our era. The most widespread story is about two Chinese peasants from the 4th century BC. Two men argued over whose lot a tree leaf would fall on. They did not find anything better than to put their own earlobes on the line. The loser cut them off and presented them to the opponent on the same sheet. A creepy story, but it captures the essence of the bet – all or nothing.

There are many reasons why a person tends to argue. Psychologists explain this as a natural desire to be part of the competition. It doesn’t matter what, the main thing is to have significance in it. Over time, betting on interest became boring. The bet had a material basis. In the beginning it had many values. For example, in the Colosseum, visitors bet not only money on a fighter, but also houses, livestock, and even life partners. In such transactions there was a serious minus – interest. Opponents could not treat each other honestly. It seemed to everyone that the opponent had cheated him. This is how the first bookmakers appeared. They were intermediaries who acted in the bet as a witness – a third party. Its main advantage was disinterest, and a percentage of the transaction. Whatever won, the witness got his share. A primitive scheme of betting activity, which was gradually improved. Entrepreneurial organisers turned random luck into business. They themselves began to look for those wishing to make a bet.

Bookmakers do not need rules and conditions, customers demand them. They gave the necessary guarantees. Along with them, rules, conditions and other subtleties appeared. The Middle Ages and Modern times became the peak of the development of bookmaking as a phenomenon. The modern history of organisers of sports betting originates from horse racing. They do not lose their relevance today. This sport has become a starting point due to its simplicity and unambiguity. However, the bets were no longer made by 2 people, but by several hundred or thousands. The bookie has evolved from a go-between to a subtle strategist. The increase in the scale of the transaction led to higher revenues and additional complexities. Bringing all bets on the same result to equally advantageous conditions for oneself is not an easy task. It is necessary to calculate the amount of investments, compare the risks of losing and winning, add the optimal percentage and take into account a lot of other subtleties. And that’s just one market. Modern bookmakers process tens of thousands of transactions daily. Today, most of the work is done by machines. But they need control, and the share of manual labour still remains.

A few centuries ago, the bookmaker was not just an intermediary, but the king of the deal. He controlled the share of the bet on one or another applicant to guarantee his own winnings. This principle is “not dead” today. Imagine there are two teams. One of them is the favourite, which is well known not only to the organiser. Handicap, totals and other things do not yet exist. There are two options: P1 and P2. The largest number of contributions will be made to the favourite. At that time, they also had not yet heard about the coefficients. The pot was the total investment of the players. There is a certain maximum bet per side. This limit will allow the bookmaker to earn and give profit to the winners. But if you go for it, the amount of free investments becomes scanty. To avoid such cases, auction pools were invented somewhere in the 17th century.

They were auctions where players bought their winnings. Absurd, but the scheme in practice “broke” the law of proportional change in income from the rate. So that it would not be shared among the masses of participants, the most enterprising or richest bought it in advance. For example, in horse racing, the bank was symbolised by a horse. If she won, the lucky person got the full amount. Surprisingly, this imperfect system actually worked. In 1650, sports betting was mostly done by the wealthy. There were few customers, but they had thick wallets. Entrepreneurs placed bets, forming a common bank, which controlled the bookmaker. He also initiated the sale at auctions. As a result, the organiser received income in the form of a percentage of payments, as well as sales of “rights” to the horse.

What changed today

We will answer “everything” and we will not be mistaken. Modern bookmakers have retained only the general principle. They still offer customers to make a profitable bet at attractive odds. But the bookmaker himself became the opponent of the player. Let’s dig deeper and understand the principles of the modern game. Previously, bookmakers themselves were looking for clients at sports competitions. They loudly announced their offer and hinted at “secret information” that would give a 100% win. Of course, it often turned out to be false. Most of the betting in the 21st century is accepted online. Bookmakers are not looking for clients: they come by themselves. There is an advertisement, but it is only a preview, not a specific offer. Tickets have been replaced by odds. This saved the BC client from unnecessary costs. There are different types of odds, but they all perform a single function – they display the expected winnings. The organiser himself performs only administrative functions. Quotes are compiled by analytical centres, the values ​​are adjusted by automatic robotic systems. In betting shops the same principle, only the electronic bet is made for you.

The bookmaker began to perform the functions of not only an intermediary, but also an opponent. A game function was added to the organisational function. The office dictates the conditions, forms an offer, controls the game. Setting up became more difficult. A bluff hole has appeared in the line, you have to compete with a whole staff of specialists in the field. But not without a number of serious advantages.

  • Legislative basis. A licence is not just a piece of paper. It spells out the rights and obligations of the bookmaker. If he violates the rules, he is held accountable.
  • Choice. Modern offices offer lines with hundreds and thousands of markets. Each of them is a bet. Properly approaching the analysis, finding a profitable one is not difficult.
  • Convenience. Attending sports competitions has become exotic. You can make a contribution and watch the broadcast at home and sit on the couch.
  • Competition. BCs are in constant competition. To beat the competition, they often offer great promotions and special bonuses. At the hippodrome, football stadium and even in the teaching staff, this will not be offered to the better. A clear advantage of the Internet format.

The scale, odds system and total control over the process always leave the bookmaker in the black. Profits are controlled in many ways. Coefficients are still the main regulator. By pressing a couple of keys, you can shift the financial component from one market to another. Similarly, interest is attracted to certain sports, promotions, and additional entertainment.

Process of Registration

The sign-up procedure is another important thing we evaluate when judging a bookmaker. The sign-up procedure for an online Ireland betting site to take advantage of the finest bookmaker deals has gotten more difficult in recent years, but this is actually in the customer’s favour. The client verification procedure at the online betting sites is streamlined, straightforward, and safe, allowing you to withdraw faster, use more payment methods, have access to greater specials, and feel confident in your connection with your preferred bookmaker once finished.

Expect to give at least the following information, and anything unusual or different will be clearly reported in our expert reviews:

  • Photographic identification
  • Full name and address, including postcode
  • Security Questions – Mother’s Maiden Name / First Pet Name, etc.
  • Proof of Address / Utility bill from the last three months clearly displaying your name and address
  • Payment Method Details – Credit/Debit Card or eWallet information for your initial qualifying deposit

All of this information is now available straight online; just submitting papers to a secure gateway within the operator’s betting website. When joining up with the best betting sites, Customer Support can validate an account in minutes.

When joining up, it makes sense to have this information on hand. If you choose to submit it when withdrawing after a win, as some operators will allow, it might be a tedious process when all you want to do is pay out your winnings.

Never before have Irish bettors had so many alternatives when it came to opening an online betting account. As expected, the traditional way of online credit and debit card purchases is still the most often utilised. However, most online betting companies now accept the usage of eWallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and other newer choices.

For each betting site we suggest, our in-depth sportsbook evaluations discuss these alternatives in full transparency. We explain the monetary restrictions, deposit and withdrawal timeframes, and what to do if you need to switch from one provider to another.

We also view each selection as the first transaction for a user. Some operators will accept eWallets as a first deposit method, but that deposit will not qualify for a sign-up bonus, free bet, or deposit match; this is something to keep in mind when joining up and putting your first wager.

How to choose a bookmaker

In order not to get lost in the number of offers on the betting market, it is necessary to take into account the following criteria when choosing:

  1. Having a licence. Legal bookmakers have membership in an organisation designed to regulate the work of betting companies. This guarantees their reliability, because. they are licensed, therefore, their activities are controlled by the tax office. Users of such bookmakers are protected by law, they can go to court in case of illegal actions. The Top 5 popular bookmakers rating consists of legal companies.
  2. Coefficient level. Margin is the percentage of the accepted bet that the bookmaker earns. Its size affects the income of users. The optimal margin is 3-5% for pre-match and 5-7% for live. When evaluating, quotes for different sports are taken into account. Bookmakers periodically offer reduced margins on certain disciplines and events as part of promotions.
  3. Line variety, i.e. the number of events available for betting. Popular bookmakers offer an average of about forty sports. The variety of tournaments is taken into account – the line is replete not only with top competitions. Many players bet on matches between teams from the lower divisions or on amateur sports. The line on the main esports disciplines is also important – Dota 2, CS:GO and League of Legends. The popularity of esports is growing, and with it the number of events in the line is also increasing.
  4. Painting. Number of markets for top disciplines: football, hockey, tennis, basketball. The presence of bets on statistics (corners, free kicks, kicks, yellow cards, penalties, etc.) is also taken into account. A significant plus will be a long-term line for winners and prize-winners of tournaments. Bets on politics, weather, music competitions and major world events are popular.
  5. Manufacturability of the live section. The main criterion is the rate of updating quotes. In life, the odds change quickly, especially in sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc. If the bookmaker accepts a bet with a long delay, customers may not have time to bet with the desired odds. Other functions are also taken into account: the ability to make a live parlay, games between virtual teams online, the availability of live video broadcasts, as well as a match centre.
  6. Additional bookmaker offers. These are features such as automatic confirmation of bets when changing odds, editing a coupon, adding tournaments and sports to the favourites list, extended betting history, the presence of a sweepstakes, express of the day, etc.
  7. The quality of the customer support service. Speed ​​of response to requests in live chat or email, friendly attitude, courtesy, number of supported languages.
  8. Variety of payment methods and speed of withdrawal. A plus will be support for popular electronic payment systems – WebMoney, Skrill, Qiwi, etc. Many offices allow you to make financial transactions using cryptocurrency. You also need to consider transaction limits. This criterion is important for users who bet and withdraw large amounts of money. The speed of replenishment of the account, as a rule, does not leave any complaints from the players, and how quickly the funds are withdrawn is often the subject of dissatisfaction. Bookmakers are most in demand, which make withdrawals of winnings within a few minutes.
  9. Manufacturability. The stability of the site, the availability and regular updating of mobile applications for different platforms and a client for PC. It is desirable that the software has the same functions as the official website.
  10. Bonus policy. Number of promotions, cashback, signup incentives, freebets, deposit bonuses, loyalty program, etc. Also, offices often place regular special offers: weekly, monthly, for the user’s birthday, etc. The conditions for wagering a deposit promotion should also be taken into account. Usually, to withdraw funds, you need to put down an amount that is X times the size of the replenishment. This option is called a wager. The optimal value is x10-x15. When wagering, there are often restrictions on the minimum odds, the type of bets (parlays or singles) and time (usually thirty calendar days).

Payouts and betting odds

The best odds are an important factor for many Irish players when selecting a bookmaker. The good news is that the top Irish betting sites we recommend not only give a fantastic deposit bonus and free bets, but they also offer competitive betting odds on major sporting events.

When you win with favourable betting odds, the payout quantities grow. The odds are the same whether you bet on your desktop computer or through one of the bookies’ betting apps.

As previously stated, there may be a minimum deposit required to claim a casino bonus. This initial minimal deposit is known as the qualifying deposit. The finest betting sites distinguish themselves from others by requiring a minimal minimum deposit to activate their offer.

This minimum may vary based on the deposit payment method selected. For example, William Hill sportsbook requires a minimum deposit of €10 to trigger the majority of their promotions.

It is a good idea to read some reviews before signing up with one of the finest Irish betting websites to see how they function. On our website, you can read reviews about these bookies. We’ve also included some bonus codes that you may use to gain great incentives.

Basic principles of betting in Ireland

In the old days, the profession of a bookmaker was considered risky. Even the most successful agent could be mired in debt tomorrow due to an accident. Modern offices are protected from this. Their activities are based on the principle of break-even. The operator earns both on winnings and losses. Of course, the bulk of the income comes from failures, but the losses on payments are compensated by interest. Let’s look at the issue in more detail for understanding.

The topic of the correct calculation of the coefficients has already been raised. The skill of a beech lies in the ability to set profitable starting quotes and change them in time depending on the involvement and interest of the players. Odds are the main weapon in the world of bookmaking. They stimulate the rate, show profit, and change the proportions of the bank according to the situation. Modern bookmakers do not suffer so much from the winners as from the economic situation. There is always a profit for such organisations. Its size depends on competent and timely analytics. The same inflated quotes do not always appear as a result of an error. It is possible that this is a bluff from the organiser, who decided to redistribute financial contributions from one participant to another. Who doesn’t want to earn more, right?

Winnings on the bet have long been paid out from the lost funds. The office strives for the number of the first to be less, and the second – more. It is not worth swearing at this, as this is a banal example of a competitive moment. The bookmaker seeks to confuse, and the task of the player is to unravel the idea. By the way, this is the main difficulty of modern betting. The bookmaker is getting a plus due to the staff of analysts. For you to understand, there can be from 10 to several hundred. These are not amateurs, but professionals in a particular field. 10 can line up for tennis and the other 20 for football. More specifically, their task is to:

  • find a suitable event;
  • to identify optimal markets for the office and interesting markets for the player;
  • calculate the probabilities of outcomes, select the best;
  • draw a line;
  • change quotes as you get involved.

On hot days, the workflow in the think tank is similar to trading on Wall Street. There are a lot of people moving around the office at a fast pace. They are looking for something on the net, talking to each other, calling, loudly rejoicing at the result, etc. If you think about it, the task of such specialists also comes down to sales. Only they do not sell shares, but bets on a specific outcome. To do this, they strive to create the most detailed line that will look good in the eyes of betters and bring profit to the company.

Another principle of bookmaking these days is risk minimization. He comes out on the front pages when the bookmaker is not in a very advantageous position. For example, a mistake was made in the line or the coefficients did not force” the cappers” to move towards a more profitable market. As a result, the Bookmaker is in the red. Companies with a dubious reputation seek to correct the situation by cutting winnings, refusing to pay out for various reasons. Well-known beaches that value their name resort to a progressive collapse in coefficients and relegation of the event to the background. The bookmaker gradually reduces the numbers for winning outcomes. At the same time, those who made bets before that receive winnings in full. Risks tend to zero, but the minus remains. It is compensated by free funds, which are regularly replenished from winning deals for the bookmaker.

There is not such a big difference between the principles of the office and the professional better. She also strategizes, studies statistics, keeps records, and strives to win. The result is equal competition. Today, on the Internet, sometimes there are angry reviews about the work of a particular bookmaker. However, it’s not always the problem. Often the problem comes from a misunderstanding of the better, his use of unauthorised gaming tools. There is little understanding of the general principles before betting on a bookmaker. You need to study the rules of a particular site, choose a method and suitable strategies. It is necessary to adapt the interests of a pro-better and the principles of work of modern offices. This approach will give a good return on the bet in any bookmaker.

What tasks they hold

Conventionally, they can be divided into primary and secondary. Among the first is the need to organise the game, to process bets in accordance with the stated conditions, and to pay out winnings. Secondary tasks are considered to be measures to ensure the comfort and convenience of the process. For example, bookmakers are not required to develop a website. They can generally be accommodated in a small room on the outskirts of the city. The bookmaker begins to fulfil obligations from the moment the money is transferred. If there was no competition in the market, it would be so. But clients are not eager to make unnecessary gestures. Even a few hundred years ago barkers persuaded people to take part in the action. This is called “and you want, and prick, but laziness.”

Since its inception, bookmakers have come up with a lot of tricks. The site is the most primitive and obvious of them. Special offers are considered to be a good level of motivation for the game. These will be found in every representative of the market. However, not everyone offers a really interesting promotion. For example, a bookmaker offers a free bet of 10 euros. Her competitor makes a different offer: get a 100% first deposit bonus. In the second case, there are a lot of conditions for wagering, but the likelihood of good earnings already at the start increases greatly. An excellent addition will be a seasonal or semi-annual lottery with a drawing of valuable prizes.

Not so long ago, beeches were organising the process of accepting bets on their own. They were independent commercial organisers. Of course, there was foul play. For this reason, the main tasks and functions of these companies are now controlled by third parties.

Online betting in Ireland Licensing

When joining a sports betting website, one of the most crucial factors to consider is licence and regulation. You can use an offshore bookmaker that is regulated by prominent licensing authorities such as the UKGC, MGC, and Curacao Gaming as an Irish player.

However, before they may operate, these bookies must get a bookmaker’s licence from the Ireland Revenue Commissioners. You should also look over the payment options authorised by Irish casinos and whether big league tournaments are available.

By examining an online bookmaker’s licence, you may decide if the bookmaker is trustworthy. Furthermore, because you will be placing some of your information online and will most likely be using your credit card and other payment information online, checking to see whether a bookmaker is licensed can set your mind at ease.

You may also be certain that if you win a wager on any event, such as a Champions League match, the bookmaker will compensate you.

If an Irish bookmaker violates the terms of its licence, it will be banned and its licence will be cancelled. As a result, if you put an online first bet and the bookmaker does not pay your winnings, you can complain about them to people in charge.

Top online casinos follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard to protect its players’ debit cards (PCI DSS). You may bet on rugby and other sports without concern in this manner.

Another feature of real money Irish sportsbooks is that payment method restrictions apply to the incentives they provide. As a result, you should always verify the online casino bonus rules to determine which payment methods are permitted to activate bonuses; debit cards and e-wallets are almost always approved.

Office Responsibilities

Bookmakers are a new milestone in the development of the gambling business around the world. They should undoubtedly be attributed to the section of positive dynamics in the market, since the acceptance of contributions in specialised organisations provides a lot of opportunities. Firstly, a person can earn on the success of his favourite player. Some reinforce interest in the event in this way, while others earn. It’s how anyone likes it. Secondly, the player performs a minimum of functions. He just needs to go to the site or contact the teaching staff, name the expected outcome and wait for the results. Thirdly, the capper is deprived of most of the duties. He just has to follow the general rules of the game.

The question of the obligations of bookmakers has long been disturbing the public. There are cases of infringement of the rights of clients, no one argues. This is controlled and strictly suppressed. However, the vast majority of bookmakers do not go beyond strict legal regulations. The opinion about the untouchability of such a business is a myth.

What Are the Most Effective Sports Betting Strategies?

Although sports betting is largely on chance and analysis, there are several tactics you may employ to improve your odds of winning. The first thing you should know is that you employ betting tactics for all sports events, whether they are hurling, rugby, basketball, or tennis.

You must guarantee that the deposit method you use does not incur additional processing costs. Furthermore, you should employ profit boost anytime it is accessible, whether for standard betting or live betting.

The low odds betting strategy is a popular approach among players. After analysing the situation, this method entails betting on low odds. However, while employing this method, you should avoid betting on low-odds derbies and should not select a low-odds team only on motivation.

Make tiny payments and wagers if you wish to bet on greater odds. You should also obtain cashback benefits as an existing customer of a bookmaker to utilise on bets.

If you bet on hurling, you may improve your odds of winning by taking advantage of Gaelic sports-specific bonuses and increased odds. When you place a wager, you should monitor the game and be prepared to pay out bets if you believe the conclusion will be unpredictable. Multi Bet Wagering is another effective approach for Gaelic sports.

This is betting on many low-odds events to construct an accumulator and increase your chances of winning large.

Various Betting Markets

Having a plethora of selections to wager on can come in handy during your stay with any particular operator, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just a casual punter. Naturally, some bookies will provide markets that others will not. For example, Bet365 is well-known for providing Asian handicap markets on football betting, which many other betting companies do not. This offers them an advantage in this regard.

Nowadays, online bookmakers provide a plethora of markets across many sports, and any operator that does not provide markets on one of the main sports such as football, horse racing, the National Football League, or golf will not be included on our list of recommended best betting sites in Ireland. Any sport that can be shown on television should be covered, but it isn’t simply sports. Bookmakers have expanded into more specialised areas, such as political betting and TV specials betting. When it comes to giving these more specialised markets or novelty bets, Paddy Power is one of the main bookmakers. We recommend thoroughly researching each operator’s marketplaces before joining up!

Disadvantages and advantages

There are no perfect bookmakers and that’s why disadvantages are not so bad. On the network there are reviews of users who are dissatisfied with a particular service, functionality and capabilities. 90% of these claims are explained by the well-known phrase “there is no friend for taste and colour.” But some shortcomings in the reviews are attributed to bookmaking as a system. Consider the alleged cons, the arguments of analysts, we will find the truth.

  • Few local locations. In the age of information technology, many bet via the Internet. But there are bettors who bet exclusively in real establishments.
  • Lack of additional opportunities as part of the bet on the favourite. In a number of matches the leader is obvious. For this reason, the coefficient for his victory varies from 1.01 to 1.1. We subtract the margin, withdrawal commissions, if any, and we get … nothing.
  • Lines are limited in every sense. A global claim that has not been relevant for a long time. Nowadays, almost any more or less large bookmaker offers thousands of markets in popular destinations. In addition, clients are offered less known, but interesting in terms of earning sports. Their line does not describe in such detail, however, it consistently includes from several dozen to hundreds of markets for a particular match. Such a variety makes it possible to earn money not only on football or hockey, but also on handball, auto racing and even political events.
  • The need to wager the bonus.
  • Numerous withdrawal issues. Unfortunately, in a number of offices it is not enough to win: in order to take the winnings, you have to try. Moreover, various tricks for refusing payments are invented not only on the Internet, but also at local points. For example, in the case of several large winnings, the points of issue of some companies may close for an indefinite lunch. In Ireland, this problem was eradicated by controlling the gambling industry.

Evaluation of the game on the network or through a local point requires a personal opinion, an individual analysis. Each better is unique, as it has unique preferences. Professionals have been looking for “their” bookmakers for many years to make the game as stable, safe, and comfortable as possible. The bookmaker combines a common principle, but they differ from each other in a host of other indicators. This can be a line, bonus system, site level, registration requirements, and so on. The bookmaker is the future partner of your game. A lot depends on his choice. Also there are a lot of pros to it:


  • Special offers for Irish players
  • There are several betting sites to pick from.
  • Incredible betting odds

Payment Options for Online Betting

The advantage of betting on sports online is that you may utilise a variety of payment options. You may utilise Solo, Laser, Switch, Skrill, Paypal, Bank Transfers, Neteller, and Credit and Virtual Cards as an Irish player.

Top betting companies even enable you to use BOKU to deposit through smartphones. You are eligible for bonuses when you deposit, but you must also be aware of the minimum odds that apply while using the bonus.

When depositing or withdrawing funds, our Irish sports bookies do not impose any fees. While claiming your cash, the deposit operations are typically instant for all deposit alternatives. Check the bookmaker’s terms and conditions to find out what the minimum deposit is for each payment method.

Aside from that, you should be aware that bonuses have an expiration date, so whether you claim a risk-free betting bonus or a free bet, you must spend the bonus before it expires. It is specified in the entire terms and conditions.

Withdrawal limitations are the maximum amount you may withdraw from a sports bookmaker. Withdrawal limits are substantial at our finest Irish sportsbook, allowing you to pay out practically all of your large profits all at once. Furthermore, you can submit withdrawal requests at any time of day. All bets are valid before the winner is proclaimed when you play with a top bookmaker.

When you claim free bets, the wager expires when the time limit is reached.

Excellent Customer Service

When anything goes wrong or you have a query, you should expect top-quality assistance from qualified technicians, just like you would with any other service. Fortunately, every operator on this page’s list of the best betting sites includes a fully working live-chat customer care option to assist you with any questions you may have during your betting experience. You should be aware, however, that during major sporting events such as the Cheltenham Festival or the Champions League final, there may be a delay in interacting with customer support staff.

If a live-chat service isn’t for you, don’t worry; calling a customer care person is also a possibility, with some operators even allowing you to place a wager this way. For less urgent concerns, there is also an email helpline, but we encourage using the live-chat facility for immediate feedback and support. You may be confident that every betting site on our recommended list on this page provides excellent customer service.


Why was this information collected? Better is not an empty phrase, but the name of the profession of the new century. Millions of cappers around the world get good money doing what they love. But in order to reach the heights, it is necessary to clearly understand not only the logic of the player, but also the opposing side – the bookmaker. Appearing several centuries ago, ordinary barkers marked the birth of a very interesting direction, which grew into a separate institution. Having understood its structure, tasks and principles, you will be able to refine the strategy, cover your own back, which will certainly have a positive impact on income.


Which bookies provide free bets to Irish customers?

The bulk of betting sites give free bets or registration incentives to Irish users (yay!). When selecting a platform, click on one of the links on this page to take advantage of these incredible signup incentives.

How long does it take to register with a betting site?

Most folks can set up their betting accounts in a matter of minutes (under five, at least). In order to assist avoid underage gambling and addiction, you'll need to provide some personal information as well as verify your address and identity.

Are online gambling sites allowed in Ireland?

We suggest you go back to our first part - gambling is legal in Ireland, and our website only features regulated and licenced sites.

Are betting websites secure?

Yes, as long as they are licensed and controlled. You will have a safe and fair encounter if they check both of these items.

How can I get a free bet or a welcome bonus?

You will earn a free bet or registration bonus if you use our links. Follow the rules of the bonus after joining up, and it will be credited to your account.

Is mobile betting the same as betting online or at a bookmaker?

Mobile betting is similar to betting from a computer or a store. The interface of the betting page may alter somewhat, but the technique remains the same. Exchange bets can be placed from your mobile device, but you must fulfil the minimum deposit requirement.

What Is the Best Online Betting Advice?

When betting online, you must thoroughly examine the sporting events on which you are gambling. You should also take advantage of benefits such as risk-free bets as much as possible because the wager credit investment will be reimbursed even if you lose. Additionally, read the terms and conditions to determine the minimum wagers necessary for bonuses.

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Kate Catherine England

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