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Updated on 03.08.2022

Free Bets Online Bookies in Ireland 2022

This comprehensive guide is written by our betting experts and covers all aspects of free betting. You’ll also find the best free bets from leading Irish betting sites. This will allow you to maximise your entertainment and bankroll in no time!

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What are Free Bet Bonus?

Sports betting websites often offer free bets. These bets can be placed for free and players do not have to spend any money. If your bet is successful, you can keep your winnings. Withdrawals will be made in accordance with the terms of the promotion. Free bets are designed to attract new customers and encourage the loyalty of existing players.

These bets allow you to make riskier bets with potentially higher payouts without taking financial risk. These are great ways to increase your bankroll and some of the best bonuses and promotions for betting.

How to get a Free Bet Bonus?

When you make a qualifying cash withdrawal, your online betting account will receive a free bet. Sportsbooks often offer free bets to punters who place qualifying bets on certain betting markets or events linked to promotion.

You might notice restrictions or limitations when you get a free bet. You might be restricted from using them in sports like horse racing and football. They won’t work on other types of games or sports so they won’t work for you.

Online bookies make it easy to get and understand free bets. Here are the steps to follow if you want to redeem free bets on an Irish site.

  1. Choose your favourite brand of online bookmaker.
  2. Deposit money after registration.
  3. You must enter your deposit amount to receive any free bets.
  4. Depositing only will sometimes unlock your free bet. You must go to the “Offers” page to select the offer you want from the available promotions.
  5. After you sign up, you may need to place a real-money wager on some free bets. So make sure you choose a stake that interests you and has odds that meet the bonus terms.
  6. Your free bet should appear in your account once your bet has been settled.

While it is less common, most online bookies only offer a free deposit bonus to new players. Registering for a new account will get you a free bet without depositing anything.

Pros of Free Bet Offers

Online sportsbooks offer some of the most attractive bonuses, including free bets. These are just some of the benefits:

  • It’s easy to find at Sportsbooks: To compete in this highly saturated market, many online sportsbooks offer Irish players free bets. This means you can claim multiple free bets, which can prove very lucrative and increase your bankroll.
  • No Risk, Zero-Limit Betting: You are not taking any financial risk by placing bets with free offers. Your bankroll does not suffer if your stake doesn’t come in.
  • Free Bets Allow You to Test New Betting Strategies Because you’re not betting with your money, you can try out new strategies and techniques. Your new system could be used for real money wagers in the future for greater profitability if it works.
  • You Can Try Out New Online Sportsbooks: Many sportsbooks offer free bets. This means you can test many new betting options before making a decision.
  • Get Generous Offers: These are some of the most lucrative promotions in sports betting. These offers offer more competitive and lucrative terms because every sportsbook wants its customers to be successful.

How we rate Irish Free Betting Offers

Perhaps you are wondering what makes a great free bet offer. Our experts review the various aspects of each bonus to determine the pros and cons. These are the criteria we use when deciding on free bets to maximize your enjoyment and increase your profits.

  • Minimum Deposit: We also search for free bets that do not require a large initial deposit. The best free bets offer a large free wager with minimal upfront investment.
  • Summation of the Free Bet: A bigger free bet is always better. You can win more with larger free bets.
  • Wagering Requirements This is the number of wagers you must make to win the winnings. All the best free betting offers to require you to meet certain playthrough requirements to receive a reward.
  • Minimum Qualifying Bet: We recommend free bets that have low qualifying bets. You are not required to wager a lot to receive the bonus.
  • There are a few betting markets that you can use. Free bets on football or cricket are examples of free bets. We also highlight flexible free bets that allow you to place the wager on virtually any market.
  • Payment Method Exclusions. You may not be eligible for free bets if you use certain payment methods. You may need to deposit with a debit card or PayPal. You will find that the best free bets have few or no restrictions on payment methods to suit all types of players.
  • Time to redeem your free bet: Most free bets are not valid forever and have an expiry. We prefer to offer free bets that last for a longer period so that you can place a bet on an event that interests you.

We also look at other criteria that define a great betting site. We look for unbeatable odds, valid licensing, and great sports coverage. It is not worth claiming free bets at sites that aren’t worth your time and money.

No deposit is required to receive the free bet

These free bets are not as easy to get as traditional free bets. Free bets without deposit require you to make a deposit and place a real-money wager on the site. Instead, they are given to players as a thank you for signing up. They are only for new users.

These bonuses have one major advantage over traditional free bets: there is no upfront financial investment. Free bets with no deposit bonuses offer any sportsbook’s best and most lucrative promotions.

They are rarer, however, because it is costly for betting sites to offer free bets and pay any winnings. This can lead to sites losing money over the long term. However, free bets with no deposit bonuses should be taken advantage of.

Types of Free Bets in Bookies

Many free bets are available in Irish bookies. Each offer comes with additional conditions. They can’t be very clear, especially for those who are new to online betting. Here is a full list of all the free betting offers you may come across.

Free Bet Matched Deposit

No deposit bets are when sports betting sites offer players a free bet of the same value as their qualifying bet. You can bet €20 on one market and receive €20 free bet regardless of whether you win or lose.

Profit Boost Free Bet

These bets are the same as higher odds but come with a profit boost. These bets make it more difficult to win high-profile events. This offer is available to both new and existing customers.

Sportsbook Signup Bonus

Sportsbook sign-up bonuses are only available to new players. This offer is often the most attractive free bet offer. There are several sign-up bonuses available at sportsbooks, including a free no deposit bet, which entitles you to a free bet just by opening an account.

Money back bets

As the name suggests, money-back bets allow sportsbooks to refund your stake if your wager is unsuccessful. These are very popular with Irish punters. However, they are not usually returned in cash. Instead, they are given back as money back.

First Bet on a Matching Offer

Sportsbook operators will match your first wager with a free bet. This is equal to the value of the first real-money wager you place on their site. If you wager EUR20 and deposit, you will get a EUR20 bonus bet. You must deposit a minimum amount to be eligible for these free wager offers. Please read the terms and conditions of each site before signing up.

No cost betting credits

Free bets may offer betting credits instead of a fixed sum. This is a different offer than regular free bets in that you can spread the bonus funds across multiple events rather than using the entire amount at once. A deposit match bonus can earn these free betting credits. The sportsbooks will match a portion or all of your deposit.

Bonus Bets with Enhanced Odds and Price Boost

You can also get price increases and enhanced odds as an alternative to free bets. This is an alternative to giving away a free wager. It allows the sportsbook to increase the odds of a specific game or event, so winning bets instantly become more profitable. This is usually reserved for events like football. Although the maximum bet is typically limited to EUR5, this can still prove very lucrative due to the significantly inflated odds.

Free Bets vs. Money Back Bets Bonuses

In addition to free bets, you can also find promotions with money-back. Some sports clubs will give you your money back if your bet is unsuccessful. Such bets are also known as risk free bets. They allow you to place any bet and get a money-back if you lose. You can keep your winnings, but no bonus will be given if your bet proves successful.

Many players prefer cashback bets because they do not require a financial investment. You get a full refund if your bet doesn’t go in. You can keep your winnings if they come in, but you have to meet all the wagering requirements. On the other hand, free bets give you an extra chance of winning regardless of what happens to your other bets. This can potentially make free bets more attractive.

Mobile Casinos with Free Bets

Desktops are the home of online sports betting. Mobile betting is gaining popularity. It’s convenient, and Irish punters can bet from anywhere and at any time. These modern trends can be catered for by free betting on mobile devices. You can get them through the mobile website or a dedicated betting app, if available.

Free bets can be used on the go as they are convenient offers for betting on sports. Live betting, a great offer on many of the best mobile betting apps in Ireland, is particularly interesting. You can watch live sporting events on your phone and place bets as they unfold. Such bets are guaranteed to increase your enjoyment and make you more involved in the action.

In conclusion

Free bets are one of the most popular promotions in sports betting. They are easy to use and can be found in large numbers. They also allow you to increase your bankroll without any financial investment. You can also try new strategies and make riskier bets, potentially bringing you more money.

This page lists all the best free bets. Register with one of our recommended sports clubs to get your free bets. Then follow these simple steps to get your promotion. Keep an eye on this page for the latest free bets in Ireland!

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