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Best Bitcoin Casinos in Ireland

Perhaps there is no publication left in the world that does not publish news about the bitcoin rate. Surely even on portals about pets and agriculture you can find headlines “Bitcoin collapsed!” and “Bitcoin hit an all-time high!”. However, there are still many people in the world who do not understand where this currency came from and what is happening to it. We will try to explain bitcoin as simply as possible.


Any existing digital file can be copied as many times as desired, and the original file will remain unchanged. Images, sound, video, information about the weather and the harvest of legumes can be duplicated and endlessly reproduced – that is, anything, including data on financial transactions. That is why banks and payment systems carefully encrypt all financial information and distribute it through their own closed channels: this is the only way to control data and prevent abuse and fraud.


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But in 2008, someone (his identity has not yet been established) under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published on the Internet a protocol for a fundamentally new payment system: information in it is distributed through public channels, between computers connected in a common network. At the same time, all these computers remain equal and jointly control the distribution of files. Such a database is called a blockchain. No outside interference is possible, all information in a distributed form is located immediately in the entire network, and all client computers are busy constantly confirming the reliability of financial data.

This independent payment system was called the word “bitcoin” (from the English words bit – “a unit of information measurement” and coin – “coin”), and its unit of account was named in the same way. Computers connected to the network work for a reason: for the constant confirmation of files, the system pays their owners a reward in the same bitcoins – this process is called mining. At first, these were fairly simple operations that even weak home computers could handle.

It is worth mentioning that the system has a limitation: it can only produce 21 million bitcoins and none more. With each new payment unit, mining the next one becomes more and more expensive, and therefore the intrinsic value of bitcoin is constantly growing. What makes the cryptocurrency exchange rate fall and take off? And here the general laws of the market come into play: bitcoin appears on the exchanges on a par with other currencies, and therefore the same forces and laws act on it.

However, there are also features. Bitcoin is a young currency, and most of the players trading in this market have absolutely no experience. Therefore, they are more easily amenable to both euphoria and panic. A variety of events force them to either buy or sell in bulk, and as a result, the rate is constantly in a fever. However, the general vector remains unchanged: the price of bitcoin is constantly growing. And this trend is unlikely to change in the near future.

Bitcoin Casinos Ireland

✅ Bitcoin vs Other currencies

Bitcoin Other currency
Who manages it?
A network of computers running open source code The government that issues it
How does it hold its value?
Primarily based on supply and demand Primarily based on confidence in the government that issues it
How is it secured?
By a network of computers that verify transaction – anyone with an internet connection can participate By third parties like banks and governments – only a select few can participate
Are there physical bills or coins?
No Yes
Can I buy things with it?
Yes, but only where merchants accept it Yes, but typically only in the country that issues it

❓ How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin, unlike credit card networks such as Visa and payment processors such as Paypal, is not owned by an individual or a corporation. Bitcoin is the world’s first entirely open payment network, and anybody with an internet connection may join. Bitcoin was created for usage on the internet and does not rely on banks or private organizations to execute transactions.

The blockchain, which monitors who owns what in the same way that a bank tracks assets, is one of the most significant aspects of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin blockchain differs from a bank’s ledger in that it is decentralized, which means that anybody can access it and no single institution controls it.

Here are some specifics on how it all works:

  • The mathematics necessary to validate and record a new transaction are performed by specialized computers known as mining rigs.’ In the beginning, a regular desktop PC was strong enough to participate, allowing almost anybody who was interested to try their hand at mining. Nowadays, the computers necessary are vast, specialized, and frequently owned by corporations or big groups of people pooling their resources. (Mining one bitcoin in October 2019 needed 12 trillion times more computational power than it did when Nakamoto mined the first blocks in January 2009.)
  • The aggregate computational power of the miners is employed to maintain the correctness of the ever-growing ledger. Bitcoin is intrinsically linked to the blockchain; every new bitcoin, as well as every subsequent transaction with all existing currencies, is recorded on it.
  • How can the network entice miners to take part in the ongoing, critical labor of maintaining the blockchain—verifying transactions? The Bitcoin network operates a continual lottery in which all mining rigs across the globe compete to solve a math problem first. Every 10 minutes or so, a winner is chosen, and the winner adds new valid transactions to the Bitcoin ledger. The reward fluctuates over time, but as of early 2020, each raffle winner received 12.5 bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin was technically worthless at first. It was worth roughly $7,500 at the end of 2019. As the value of bitcoin has increased, its simple divisibility (the ability to acquire a small portion of one bitcoin) has become an important feature. One bitcoin is now divisible to eight decimal places (100 millionths of a bitcoin); the smallest unit is known as a ‘Satoshi.’
  • Nakamoto programmed the network such that the total number of bitcoins never exceeds 21 million, maintaining scarcity. There are presently roughly 3 million bitcoins ready to be mined, which will happen more slowly as time goes on. In theory, the final blocks will be mined in 2140.

🤔 How to Obtain Bitcoin

The simplest way to get bitcoin is through an internet exchange like Coinbase. Using what are known as public and private keys, exchange makes it simple to purchase, trade, transmit, receive, and keep bitcoin without having to hold it yourself.

Here’s how it works if you prefer to buy and store bitcoin outside of an online exchange.

  1. When a person joins the bitcoin network, they are given a public key, which is a lengthy series of letters and numbers similar to an email address, and a private key, which is similar to a password.
  2. When you buy bitcoin—or send/receive it—you obtain a public key, which is similar to a key that unlocks a virtual vault and allows you to access your money.
  3. Anyone may transfer bitcoin to you using your public key, but only the holder of the private key can access the bitcoin once it’s been sent in the “virtual vault.”
  4. Bitcoin may be stored in a variety of ways, both online and offline. A virtual wallet is the most basic solution.
  5. Some apps make it as simple as moving money from one bank to another to move money from your wallet to a bank account after selling your bitcoin. Exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, like traditional bank transfers or ATM withdrawals, establish a daily restriction, and the transaction may take a few days to a week to complete.

🎰 Bitcoin Casino Games

Online Bitcoin Slots

When it comes to great online casinos, Bitcoin slots are considered the “new kid on the block.” As a consequence, there are just a handful Ireland online casinos that allow customers to deposit cash for slot games using Bitcoin, in addition to the PayPal payment casino option.

Nonetheless, the concept of Bitcoin online slot games, which has gained popularity in the United States, is spreading to Ireland. Bitcoin online slots’ already astounding popularity implies that they are here to stay. Every day, more and more online casino slots support Bitcoin as a payment mechanism, so you will almost certainly be able to discover a slot game to love at participating casinos.

The Raging Bull online casino (mentioned above) is now the obvious favorite for Bitcoin gamers in Ireland, providing players access to several popular Bitcoin slots online, such as Cleopatra’s Gold and Bigshot. These Bitcoin slot games are offered in a variety of formats, so you will always be able to choose one that fits you.

This is true whether you like games with a little or big number of reels, linear or progression-based slot games, or even interactive slot games. One thing is definite, regardless of the sort of slot. When you deposit slot games with Bitcoin, you are constantly playing for real money. To play these Bitcoin slot games online, you must first make an account on the Bitcoin website and buy some of the cash (see our section on creating a Bitcoin account below for more details).

After purchasing some Bitcoin cash, you deposit your selected amount into an approved Crypto casino to begin playing your preferred slot machine. However, because you are depositing in cryptocurrency rather than pounds, it is critical to double-check your deposit when making payments to a casino using bitcoin. As a consequence, if your selected site does not tell you how much you are depositing, you should always consult a currency converter.

Bitcoin Roulette

Roulette is an example of a classic btc casino game that you may play when you make a deposit at an online Bitcoin casino. Our suggested list includes a broad range of roulette experiences to pick from, including Classic Roulette and American Roulette, all of which accept Bitcoin deposits.

This means that if you’re looking for a brief thrill at the wheel or to start a successful streak of wins, you’ll always be able to discover a Bitcoin roulette game that suit your needs. Check out our list above to choose a Bitcoin casino that offers the best roulette experience for you.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin casinos are also well-established in the online casino blackjack game, with a variety of methods to play available. This means that if you decide to bet at an online Bitcoin casino, you will have a wide range of games to pick from, including favorites like 21 Blackjack, European Blackjack, Blackjack Pairs, and 5 Diamond Blackjack.

Furthermore, many online Bitcoin casinos provide excellent matching bonuses when you make your first deposit, which means you may start your Bitcoin gambling adventure on blackjack games with up to 3x your first amount (depending on the site). Our list of top Bitcoin casino sites above just covers a handful of our recommendations for Best Bitcoin sites that provide some amazing introductory bonuses, so be sure to check them out to see if you can get off on the right foot.

🤵‍♂️ Live Bitcoin Casinos

Live dealer games are the most recent addition to Bitcoin live casinos, allowing players to see video streamed feeds of dealers setting up and playing the games. If you deposit using Bitcoin, you will be able to play a wide range of online casino table games, including Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack, just as on other online casino websites.

Most online Bitcoin sites, including those featured on this page, enable customers to play live casino games; nevertheless, make sure to read our other evaluations to uncover additional Bitcoin live casino sites where you can play fantastic live dealer online casino games.

🤓 How to Use of Bitcoin

Back in 2013, a bitcoin enthusiast called Laszlo Hanyecz posted a message board promising 10,000 BTC – which was worth roughly $25 at the time – to anyone who delivered two pizzas to his Jacksonville, Florida, house. According to mythology, the two pizzas purchased by another bitcoin early adopter from a nearby Papa John’s constituted the first successful purchase of non-virtual items using bitcoin. Thankfully, using bitcoin has become more simpler in recent years!

It’s simple: BTC transactions are comparable to credit or debit card transactions, except instead of inputting card information, you’ll simply enter the payment amount and the vendor’s public key (similar to an email address) using a wallet app. (When dealing in person using a smartphone or tablet, a QR code will often appear to streamline the procedure – scan the code, and your wallet app will immediately enter the relevant information.)

It’s personal: One advantage of using bitcoin to pay is that it reduces the quantity of personal information you must disclose. The only time you need to provide your name and address is when you buy tangible things that must be mailed.

It is adaptable: What you should do with your bitcoin is entirely dependent on your particular interests. Here are some suggestions:

  • You may trade it for cash at a Bitcoin exchange or a Bitcoin ATM.
  • Using a Bitcoin debit card, you may spend it online or in physical stores just like any other cash.
  • As part of your investing and savings strategy, you can keep some or all of it.
  • You might select anything near to your heart (check out).
  • And what if you have a lot of money and unmet astronaut ambitions? Virgin Galactic, founded by Richard Branson, gladly takes Bitcoin in return for the possibility to go on one of its next space-tourism flights.

Bitcoin payments are inherently more secure than traditional debit/credit card transactions due to the cryptographic architecture of the Bitcoin network.

💰 How to use Bitcoin as a Payment Method at Online Casino

This option is generally explicitly noted on websites where Bitcoin may be used to play at an online casino. In fact, several of these sites will provide special discounts, such as a larger welcome bonus, to anyone who deposits money in this manner. The procedure for contributing funds in this manner is pretty straightforward and should only take you a few seconds to complete.

  • Install a wallet or pick where you will keep your digital currency. Keep in mind that the private key to your wallet is critical, since you might lose access to your money if you forget it.
  • Purchase Bitcoins using an online cryptocurrency exchange and add them to your wallet.
  • Sign up at the site and, if prompted, confirm that you will be using BTC. This is especially crucial if the website provides a Bitcoin incentive.

📥How to Make a Bitcoin Deposit

If you wish to start utilizing Bitcoin as a casino payment option, the next step is simple: simply transfer the appropriate amount of money from your own wallet to the casino’s wallet to fund your account.

  • Send funds to the casino’s Bitcoin wallet address, which you will be given when you begin the deposit procedure.
  • Bitcoin transactions are often immediate or very quick. As a result, you should see the funds in your casino account straight away.

📤 How to Withdraw Using Bitcoin

If you win while playing, the procedure of withdrawing using Bitcoin at an online casino is quick and simple.

  • Select a withdrawal method from the banking choices.
  • You can designate your wallet as the recipient of the money being sent.
  • As previously noted, Bitcoin transfers are extremely rapid. However, you may have to wait for the casino to first approve the payment.

📱 Mobile Bitcoin Casinos

Most Bitcoin mobile casinos will also allow its players to play mobile phone casino games while on the go. This is true whether you want to play with your iOS device, including iPhones and iPods, Android device, or even Windows portable device. These Bitcoin mobile casino games are generally available in three varieties:

  • On responsive Web Pages, which resize to the resolution of your device, allowing you to obtain amazing scaled performance on your device;
  • On mobile-specific web sites, which may feature additional functionality and options;
  • On a specialized mobile app, which gives a top mobile casino experience owing to software engineers painstakingly creating a superb mobile Bitcoin casino experience.

Our best Bitcoin casinos list contains amazing websites with built-in mobile support, ensuring a pleasant and efficient experience. Furthermore, Bitcoin has the benefit of being accessible with only an e-mail account and password. It means you may sign in and deposit from wherever you are, without being restricted by account access, as you could be if you tried to deposit straight from your bank card or by bank transfer.

👍 The Benefits of Bitcoin Banking

The concept of using Bitcoin as a casino banking method appeals to a variety of people for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the benefits of shifting your money for wagers in this manner.

  • A quick way to transmit money without the use of an intermediary.
  • BTC transfers are usually free or very cheap.
  • It is pseudo-anonymous, allowing users to keep their identities private.
  • This is a safe and secure way to store and transfer money.
  • Because of its frequent, huge price swings, Bitcoin is a popular investing option.
  • Some casinos have specific offers for Bitcoin users.

👎 Downsides of Bitcoin Banking

There are a few potential disadvantages to using Bitcoin as a casino payment option that you should consider before deciding what to do.

  • Because of the volatility of this currency, you may lose money between purchasing and utilizing it.
  • It is not accepted at all casinos.
  • If you misplace your private key, you may lose access to your funds.


Can I Use Bitcoin to Play at Casino?

Yes, several nations have already legalized Bitcoin casinos. It's not like you can use Bitcoins at every casino you choose, but it's becoming more popular, and we expect that most of the major online casinos will start taking Bitcoins soon. If you want to play at a bitcoin casino, the United States is one of the places where you may do so.

Is Bitcoin secure?

Completely, until you treat them with care, all of your Bitcoins are saved in your virtual wallet, which you may maintain online or offline on your computer or flash drive. The problem is that if you lose the flash drive, you will also lose your Bitcoins.

How Do I Make a Bitcoin Casino Deposit?

Making Bitcoin deposits is just as simple as using a credit card or an e-wallet. It's not just the deposit options, such as pay by phone bill gaming. The first thing you should do is set up a Bitcoin wallet. When you're finished, go to one of your favorite Bitcoin casinos (or first read our top casino online reviews) and select Bitcoin as your depositing method. Then input the amount you wish to deposit and your Bitcoin address – the string of numbers and characters that identifies your account.

Can I be Cheated if I use Bitcoin at Online Casino?

There have been allegations of Bitcoin scams using bogus exchanges and viruses. Many of these methods are designed to defraud those who wish to invest in Bitcoin, while others attempt to obtain your password. It makes sense to use a trustworthy exchange and a safe wallet.

Is there a cost to using Bitcoin Online?

There are transaction fees when transferring BTC, although the amount varies depending on how busy the network is. You will not be charged for obtaining these coins unless the casino has its withdrawal costs.

How Simple Is It to Use Bitcoin at Online Casino?

One of the fundamental concepts behind Bitcoin is the ability to move money quickly and without the need of middlemen. This implies that casino customers may deposit dollars directly into their accounts from their wallets and begin utilizing their virtual money right immediately. The biggest risk for newbies may be beginning with Bitcoin in the first place, because the concept of cryptocurrencies differs fundamentally from dealing with conventional money. However, establishing a wallet and purchasing some of these virtual tokens isn't as tough as a total novice may believe.

How can I open a bitcoin wallet?

Even though Bitcoin may appear to be complicated, it is simple to open an account and begin playing at a Bitcoin online casino. The first step is to establish the online wallet where you will keep your Bitcoins. There are various types of Bitcoin wallets, and the distinctions are outlined at This is also the location where the wallet may be built. You'll need something to put in your wallet now that you've got one. You can obtain Bitcoins directly from another user, via one of the online dealers, or from your bank account. The next step is to locate the best Bitcoin casino websites and make your initial investment.

What is the origin of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is virtually mined by a massive, decentralized (also known as 'peer-to-peer') network of computers that are continually validating and safeguarding the blockchain's correctness. Every bitcoin transaction is mirrored on that ledger, with fresh information being gathered in a "block" that is appended to all previous blocks on a regular basis.

Where Can I Find Bitcoin-Accepting Casinos?

We've compiled a list of the finest Bitcoin-accepting online casinos. Among them are some of the most well-known bitcoin gaming sites in the world. Other casinos are expected to incorporate this as a payment mechanism in the future. So, if you don't notice any of your favorite sites right now, it's a good idea to search again the next time you're wondering where you can use Bitcoin on a new casino site.

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