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Payment Methods

Due to the fact that the topic of casinos and various bets is very popular in Ireland (Whether it be on sports or e-sports), the area of ​​offered methods for paying for the services of the money withdrawal platform directly by the client is also developing. Irish players now have a number of deposit and withdrawal choices, in addition to credit cards, debit cards, and wire transfers, thanks to the advent of techniques like e-wallets, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrency deposits. In our article, you can learn about all the most interesting payment methods and their pros and cons for you as a client.

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🤔 Why are payment methods at casinos and betting shops important to you?

Whatever you play and no matter how much time you spend at the next machine or board game – all this is connected with the use of real currency, which can also be spent in any store in your city. Of course, you will be required to deposit a certain amount, no less. It’s just that if you don’t do this, then quite often you run the risk of being left without bonuses that a casino site or a bookmaker can offer you.

Each casino will have a variety of payment methods from which to pick. When deciding on a bookmaker or online casino to play at, it’s a good idea to check at the payment alternatives they have. Ideally, they will advise a way that you are already familiar with.

The alternatives available to you will vary, but most casinos will provide you with multiple options for various sorts of payments. The same is true for books. As a result, you should be able to select the best payment option for you.

🏆 Best Payment Methods for Casino

There are a lot of services and platforms for replenishing an account on such sites now, and they all provide different conditions and limits. Because of such things, you can easily get confused when choosing a method. Our experts say that the choice of payment methods is one of the most important aspects of working with the gambling industry and spending in it.

There are also cases when you already have a familiar service. which you always use and are already used to. In this case, just continue to use it and do not need to invent something new and risk your own funds. Well, if you still decide to change something, you can safely consider all the options presented at the casino and choose the one that best suits you in all the main parameters. This, of course, is all about more interesting methods, and not just using a bank card.

❓ Knowledge of these methods

There are many tricks that allow you to choose the most secure and accurate payment method that will bring you the most benefit. But they can also be changed if you choose a completely non-standard payment method, such as those that have become popular – payments via SMS with debiting money from your phone. Reminiscent of the old days, but this way it’s easier for you to keep your anonymity and your funds safe.

Most users, of course, do not bother and pay from their cards, as they are simply too lazy to think about the safety of their funds and such people often find themselves in unpleasant situations. Others would rather utilize a service that allows them to preload this account and then use it to pay the operator. This will make it easy for you to keep track of your betting budget, and you will be less inclined to spend more than you anticipated.

Of course, everyone chooses for himself and we cannot just say – it’s inconvenient for us, choose another method. Not at all. You choose what is convenient for you. but it is very important to weigh all the pros and cons, and only then send your money somewhere. Read the reviews, ask your friends and just try a small amount of money and we assure you – you will be able to find a method to your liking.

🙏 What factors to consider when selecting a payment method

What is significant to you might not be relevant to the next player. As a result, the most we can do is keep you updated on the many issues you may experience. In this part, we will discuss some of the factors to consider when selecting a payment method in general.


When it comes to your money, safety is always a top priority. You should not give your payment information to any firm you do not trust. That’s why, if you’re going with a new firm, you should do your homework. Ascertain if the organization employs cutting-edge encryption technologies to safeguard your info. In the regulated sector, Irish online casino sites normally only provide high-quality online payment alternatives.


Some businesses may charge you a modest fee each time you utilise their services. It may appear to be a tiny sum, but if you use the service frequently, it will add up. Check to see if the firm charges and how much they charge.


The whole goal of taking the time to select the best payment option for you is to locate the one that is most convenient for you. That is why you should research the measures you should follow while using a payment service. You should not spend more than a minute or two before sending your transaction.

Transaction duration

Even though you have initiated the transfer, this does not guarantee that the funds have arrived. It varies by service how long it takes to make a transfer before the casino receives the money. The time it takes is also the time you must wait before you can begin playing. Waiting too long may irritate certain people. Particularly if you were eager to begin playing for your new welcome bonus.

💳 Debit cards

Due to their ease of use, debit and credit cards are the most common payment options. MasterCard, Union Pay, Visa, and other major suppliers of card payment systems that permit electronic payments transfer are listed below. To use debit or credit cards, a government agency, a bank, or a credit union must issue a debit/credit card and link it to the user’s bank account. It is one of the most widely utilized online casino payment options in the world. It is extremely popular in the United States and Europe, and is one of the most common payment methods in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Belgium.


  • Convenience
  • Availability of credit
  • Safety


  • Fraud risk
  • Not supported by every casino
  • Deal rejection risk

💸 E-Wallets

E-wallets are a popular online casino payment mechanism that has grown in popularity due to its ease of use and withdrawal. E-wallets are particularly created for customers who want extra security in their online casino transactions. Deposits may be done using e-wallets rather than linking your bank account to a casino. E-wallets function similarly to virtual wallets, allowing individuals to deposit monies in their own e-wallets and access them as needed. PayPal is a popular e-wallet with over 200 million active customers in Europe and North America. Other well-known e-wallets include Neteller, QIWI, Jeton, Skrill, WebMoney, EcoPayz, and many others.


  • Very safe
  • Extremely safe
  • Available to everyone


  • Bonuses are rare
  • Possible delays
  • Often more information is needed

💰 Wire Transfers from a Bank

Many iGaming bookmakers and operators allow wire transfers as one of the key payment options since it is one of the most secure payment methods. Wire transfers are often subject to severe KYC (Know your customer) regulations in order to reduce the likelihood of money laundering and other dangers for the parties engaged in online casino transactions. Though KYC processes take longer, this payment method typically takes 7 days to complete. One of the biggest disadvantages of bank wire transfers is that banks impose a fee that varies according to the amount withdrawn or deposited.

🪙 Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a type of electronic currency or virtual money whose value is determined by users who generate bitcoins via the use of computers and mathematics. Bitcoins (BTC) may be used for payments, online purchases, and real-money deposits at bitcoin gambling sites. To finance their accounts, players can utilize Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) coins.

To utilize cryptocurrency, you must first register with a crypto casino or sportsbook site, then navigate to the cashier section and input the amount you desire to deposit. You will receive your crypto wallet address code as soon as you click the deposit button, allowing you to begin a bitcoin transaction from your wallet. Finally, input your deposit amount as well as the casino wallet address.

📱 Payments in the casino by mobile phone bill or SMS

Because of the simplicity and convenience that mobile devices provide, more than 70% of casino players currently utilize them. Paying via phone or SMS is a popular deposit option among mobile gamers due to its speed, efficiency, and security. The charge will be applied to your monthly phone bill. This means you won’t have to offer an online casino your financial information, which is always a benefit. You can relax while playing the most popular online slots, table games, and card games.

💻 Google Wallet

If you are familiar with Google products and have the ability to download the app, you will still be able to make a mobile deposit at the casino. The best-rated Google Pay Casino allows Android users to make casino deposits and withdrawals. You must link your Google Pay account to a bank card in your name in order to finance your casino account.

🍎 Pay with Apple

Apple Pay, like Google Pay Option or Amazon Pay, is the sole realm of every user who has an Apple mobile device. To make a deposit, you must enter your Apple TouchCode. The deposited cash is immediately available, and it is a simpler method for mobile customers than enrolling a card.

Popular Irish Payment Methods

🤙 How to Select the Most Appropriate Payment Method

To choose which of the numerous online casino deposit and withdrawal choices is ideal for you, consider the quantities and frequency with which you wish to deposit and withdraw money. After assessing the volume and frequency of your transactions, you must also assess the security credentials of the techniques accessible to you.

Convenience and potential costs for depositing or withdrawing cash are two further factors to consider for online casino gamers. While e-wallets are a convenient choice, their relatively hefty fees may make them inappropriate for players who only withdraw little amounts. You should read the terms and conditions of your preferred payment method and online casino for further information.


What are the benefits of utilizing cryptocurrencies as a form of payment at online casinos?

Secure transactions, secrecy, and rapid transactions are some of the benefits of adopting bitcoin as a payment mechanism at online casinos.

What exactly are e-wallets?

People that desire extra security in their transactions utilize e-wallets. People may put money straight into their e-wallets and utilize them anytime they wish.

Which e-wallets are often utilized in online casinos?

EcoPayz, QIWI, Skrill, Jeton, Neteller, and other popular e-wallets are listed here.

How do I make a deposit at an online sportsbook or casino?

Depositing money at an online casino or bookmaker is similar to purchasing anything from a website. With a wide range of deposit options available, credit and debit cards are often the most popular. However, as gamers seek speedier and more secure solutions, bank transfers, eWallets, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrency transactions are becoming increasingly popular.

How can I make a withdrawal from a sportsbook or online casino?

To withdraw money from an online casino or bookmaker, you must first locate the cashier's department. Because you will have already deposited cash, this part should be straightforward to find. Once you've decided on a withdrawal method, the next step is to provide all required personal and financial information.

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