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Best Live BlackJack Casinos 2022

Live Blackjack Ireland is a favourite game among Irish online casino players. Although the rules of live blackjack online are simple, it is filled with excitement and thrill. The appeal of playing 21 card games in a brick-and-mortar casino is undeniable. There’s a sense of luxury, fun, contact with other players, and a non-digital feeling.

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You can enjoy the same great feeling of live online blackjack as you would in a casino. But you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You’ve found the right place to learn more and play live online Blackjack games. We’ve researched extensively and compiled a ranking of the best live blackjack casinos for real money. Check out our top recommendations for Ireland providers.

How We Rate Best Live BlackJack Casinos

Online blackjack live games are very popular, and you will find numerous online casinos. You’ll find that every site offers a different gaming experience when you play 21 online. Top10BestCasino has the perfect formula to make live blackjack online a great experience. These card games offer many features that make them an excellent choice for live online blackjack.

  • Certificates and Licenses. A license must be issued by IrelandGC (Gambling Commission) for live blackjack casinos. This license guarantees that every gambling site is safe and legal. This license is required for online live blackjack and other live dealer table games. You should play live blackjack Ireland at casinos with an IrelandGC license rather than international ones. They must also have SSL certificates to protect website data (HTTPS) and eCogra. All your information is encrypted when you register to play live blackjack online. This applies to all your information and payment details when you play online live blackjack.
  • Promotions and Bonuses for Live Dealer Games. Online gambling offers many perks, including bonuses and rewards. Bonus systems allow you to take advantage of deposit matches or bonus spins, letting you play with more money than you initially deposited. This is great news for players of online live blackjack. You can get many bonuses to play online live blackjack. You can use different bonuses at different online casinos. However, some of these bonuses cannot be used to play live blackjack online or other live table games. Many casino welcome bonuses can be linked to slot games. They offer bonus spins and cash that can be wagered at slot machines. Before signing up to deposit and playing live blackjack in Ireland, read the Terms and Conditions. You can be certain that you will receive the bonus cash or deposit match when you play live blackjack online.
  • Search for the Best Live Blackjack Online Games from Top Software Providers. All casino game providers now offer live dealer blackjack games. We cannot guarantee that the games they offer are fair, however, as there have been more live blackjack casinos opening recently. You can rest assured that the games of popular gambling software providers are fair and safe. Before they are accepted into an online live blackjack casino, they have been proven to be legal. If you want to gamble for real money, you should play games from the best software providers, such as NetEnt and Microgaming. They created the best and most secure card games.

How to Play Live BlackJack

You can enjoy the excitement of playing at a real casino while having fun online. Let’s see how it works:

  1. Sign up at Live Blackjack Casino. It’s easy to find it. Look at our list of the best online casinos in Ireland and make your choice. Once you have found the best online blackjack casino, sign up and make a deposit. Signing up is easy and takes only a few minutes. Then you will be able to access the best online live blackjack games. Make sure to redeem your welcome bonus when you deposit so that you can play 21 with a bonus casino.
  2. Choose Your Favourite Live Blackjack Game. There are many variations of live online blackjack. There are many options available, including single-hand and multi-hand versions. You can also choose different rules, such as the number of hits or the dealer’s standing. You can play live blackjack online in any language you prefer, such as German, Swedish, or Italian.
  3. Place your Bets. Place a bet to play live blackjack Ireland. The dealer will then deal 2 cards to you and 2 to himself. After that, the dealer will give you 2 cards, and you’re out of luck. You can win if you do not get a 21. You will get 2x your wager if you win. Your bet will be refunded if you and the dealer get the same result. Blackjack will give you a higher payout rate (ace or 10/K/Q/J).
  4. Win. After placing your wager and getting dealt 2 cards, your options include HIT (receive another card), STAND (stop), Split (split your cards to receive 2 new cards), DOUBLE (if your chances of winning are high), and SPLIT (split the cards and get 2 new cards). You must beat the dealer when you play live blackjack online for real money. You and he are different because he is bound by certain rules, while you aren’t. He can’t split cards or double your bet. Your blackjack will always be paid 3:2, except in the event of a push. Online blackjack live games have the dealer obligated to hold at 17 most of the time. However, you, on the other hand, don’t need to. Use the limitations of the dealer to your advantage, and have luck!

Playing Live Online Blackjack with Real Money is a Benefit

Online live casino blackjack is quite different to other RNG games. Although RNG games can be won based on luck, RTP and popularity, live blackjack Ireland doesn’t use random numbers generators or gaming software. You and the casino dealer are the only ones who can determine whether or not the games are fair.

  • Real Atmosphere. You probably began your journey as a gambler and fanned real money blackjack online by playing at a land-based casino. It is an experience that you won’t soon forget. It’s almost like playing in a traditional blackjack casino. You can communicate with your dealer online via chat or by the microphone. The best thing about this atmosphere is that you can play with real cards. There’s dealing, shuffling and so on. You can play with real cards in your own home, just like in a casino.
  • The latest technologies. Many players were sceptical about online gambling at the start. Online casinos are now more popular than offline casinos in terms of numbers. Because the best live blackjack casinos offer cutting-edge technology that provides a high-quality experience, this is why. You can play live casino blackjack online from the comfort of your couch. Mobile gaming is also possible. Security has seen tremendous improvements in the iGaming sector. Sophisticated security systems protect your data at online live blackjack sites.
  • Fairness and Reliability. These are the two main concerns when playing online casino games. However, these worries can be eliminated by an online live blackjack casino. There are numerous discussions online about the fact that RNG blackjack tables have higher losses than live dealer casinos. This is not true on legit casino websites. They go through numerous testing and auditing phases that ensure fairness and randomness. Online blackjack lives casinos are not concerned about randomness because you play with a live dealer and can watch him deal cards in real-time.

The Disadvantages of Playing Live Blackjack for Real Money

It is not always easy to play blackjack online. These are some potential pitfalls and disadvantages of playing blackjack online.

  • Limited Range of Games. While the best online casinos offer various game options, smaller sites may have fewer games. Live casino blackjack is often only available at one table. This means there’s only one dealer, one set of rules, and one limit.
  • Poor Choice for Slow Internet Connection Even table games and RNG games can be slow to load if you have a slow Internet speed. Flash and HTML5 technologies are much easier to download and handle if you have slow Internet connections. However, live blackjack casino streaming requires a strong connection and more data. If you don’t have unlimited bandwidth or a slow connection, RNG Blackjack might be a better option than the online live blackjack Ireland version.
  • More likely to encounter technical issues and errors. We have stated in the “Benefits” section that modern technology is cool for live blackjack. This technology is more complex and requires a stable internet connection. There is a greater chance of your online live blackjack game being interrupted or having technical problems. You will not have any problems if your Internet connection is fast, stable, and secure.

Software Developers for Live BlackJack

  1. Evolution Gaming has been in operation since 2006. It currently operates in Latvia and Malta, offering the largest number of European casino tables where you can interact with live blackjack dealers. This site offers classic online live dealer blackjack, with 7-seat tables and an 8-seat deck that is shuffled manually.
  2. Ezugi was established in 2013. It has live blackjack casino studios around the globe, including countries such as Latvia, Israel, Ireland and Malta. Online players can choose from two types of live online blackjack: a 7-seat table with an 8-seat deck and unlimited live dealer blackjack with automatic splits.
  3. NetEnt launched its online live blackjack casino platform in 2013 in its studio in Malta. NetEnt is a mobile-first company that offers high-quality, live blackjack online.
  4. Playtech began offering online blackjack dealer games back in 2009. It has casinos in Latvia, Romania, Malta, and Malta. The company offers unlimited and seven-seat online blackjack with real dealers.
  5. Began offering live dealer blackjack online in 2010 at its Toronto casino studio. You can play live blackjack online with Microgaming. However, there is no chat option.

Mobile Live BlackJack

Mobile gambling has been a popular way to play online casino games. Many gamblers prefer to play with dealers online from their phones whenever and wherever they like. Mobile casinos are no longer considered relic of the original gambling site. They offer the same games and features that one would find at an online casino with live dealers.

Today, many mobile casinos offer different live dealer blackjack variants. High rollers have additional options for gambling wherever they choose. You can download an app from the Google Play Store or App Store to play blackjack with real dealers from your smartphone. Some mobile live blackjack websites offer this option. However, downloadable apps are not usually available to online players from Ireland who wish to play with real dealers.

You will likely have to play live with a dealer via your mobile browser. This will allow you to play with your dealer while playing different game variants. However, this won’t mean you miss any gambling opportunities or features. You might experience some inconveniences when playing blackjack with a live dealer from your mobile device. Some low-quality casinos have very poor UI. We recommend that you follow our expert advice when choosing a platform to play with dealers. Remember that you can experience problems when streaming live mobile blackjack games. If your Internet bandwidth isn’t sufficient to support high-quality audio or video streaming from the dealer’s studio, it could cause serious issues.

You may need to spend a lot of money to enjoy seamless live dealer blackjack on your tablet or smartphone. NetEnt and other software companies offer mobile blackjack live games allowing you to interact with real dealers. To save money and avoid losing connection, we recommend that you use Wi-Fi to play live dealer blackjack on your mobile device. It should be obvious that mobile live blackjack games can be enjoyed in almost any location, including a car, cafe, or other public places. You can also win big by placing large bets and making huge winnings.

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